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Anyone who has ever gone through the thorny path of writing academic papers knows the feeling of finally finishing one. But as soon as you have done the writing, the new pain of proofreading and editing appears. Keep in mind that some big problems may seem small. A poorly worded phrase may look like a little mistake that can be promptly fixed, but your supervisor or committee will mark it as a lack of attention and insufficiently developed thinking. Think of getting a good helper that can professionally proofread and edit your text. Ask yourself, “Do I need an editor?”

Who Is an Academic Editor?

An editor reads the writer's work, and revises and changes it in order to make it perfect. This expert will edit any type of academic work, such as college essays, dissertations and academic articles. All mistakes like typos, style, tone and the general presentation will be fixed and corrected according to the academic rules. Also, editors can supervise the compilation of larger work, including choosing certain articles for the writing and deciding upon guidelines for specific works.

Editors usually are required to have at least a bachelor's degree in English, journalism or communications and demonstrate the mastery of fundamental knowledge of the English language. An editor that specializes in editing higher education documents will be required to have not only the experience of writing such documents, but also a relevant master's or doctoral degree.

An editor is a person who scrubs out the errors in the text. The tasks the editor faces can be much broader, but in practice, in most cases they deal with errors of three types: stylistic, factual and semantic errors.

To find such errors, you need attention and a fair amount of erudition. Sometimes, the editor encounters information, the reliability of which can not be established by using open sources. A person cannot be competent at once in all areas of knowledge, and cannot get into the author's idea or into the secrets of the company's financial life. But even in such cases, the editor will remain vigilant and will draw the customer's attention to everything that is in doubt.

Why Do You Need Editors for Hire?

1. You are too close to your paper.

Even if you have the talent of self-criticism, you still won't be able to see all of your own errors and mistakes, as it is your creation. Your eyes won't see the paper after numerous attempts at proofreading. This side effect is inherent for all people and can be cured only by time or a fresh glance at your paper before the submission. As one famous writer said: “Every good writer should have a good editor.”

2. Your friends are not qualified enough to proofread your project.

It is a generalization, but if you will have a look at your circle of acquaintances, you will hardly find someone that has either the experience of editing or the required education to perform high-quality work. It is no mistake; you do need such readers. They will spot some mistakes and find inconsistencies or unclear phrases. However, they won’t help you to paraphrase or cut and rewrite the most inconsistent parts of your text, or change the order of paragraphs to make your text more logical. Your friends wouldn't be able to polish your text to the higher academic standards possible. However, an independent editor will.

3. You want your paper be properly understood and appropriately marked.

Your supervisor or target audience will be unpleasantly surprised if they find errors in your text. You will be counted as an inattentive and irresponsible person. Be confident that our writers will choose more appropriate words to express your thoughts in the text. They will cut and rewrite unsuitable phrases and clean your text. The work will be done much earlier that you can imagine, as editing for our professionals is easy and interesting work.

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To start the working process, place your order on our page. Don’t worry – it is free of charge. Fill the order form, attach the paper that should be edited and the specifications that should be considered. If you are wondering, “Who will be my editor?” then you may be surprised, as you can choose the editor that will be working with your paper by yourself. So, think about the qualities of the editor you are looking for. You will want to focus on these points:

* Expertise in your field.
* The qualifications and experience you’re looking for.
* Suitable price.
* Client satisfaction ratings and comments you’re happy with.

Our service provides an integrated system that allows you to track the progress of your order and mark all changes that are made for your file. Don’t miss an opportunity to use the online chat – it will help you lead discussions with your editor. As soon as the paper is ready, read it and ask for revisions if needed. You pay only when the completed work corresponds to all of your requirements.

Keep in mind that editing is not just a simple process of proofreading and checking the essay – it also consists of revising and rewriting. Our experts will fix your grammar, spelling, word choice, punctuation and flow, as well as the logical order of your text. Also, you will receive recommendations for certain areas that need additional information. With the help of our service you can not only check your paper, but also ask our writers about completing your assignment from scratch.

It will take less than five minutes to submit your paper for editing. Using the services from editors for hire will allow you to present your work in the best light, and get the best results for the time and hard work you’ve put into it. Our editors edit and proofread all types of papers: essays, research papers, dissertations, reports and manuscripts. We know how academic writing can be difficult for students – that's why we have created this editing service for academic papers. You may think that our prices are not cheap, but you can be confident that the quality will totally exceed your expectations. Experience the advantages of EssaySeek by placing an order right now!