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The moment you finish high school and set off on the journey of college education, you start an important period of your life, filled with exploration, excitement and drama. The drama starts even before you enter college in the process of writing your admission essay. There are so many articles and tricks on how to craft a perfect admission essay that will grab the admission officer’s attention at first sight, but most students forget about one important thing – admission essay editing. The reason for that is very simple – most of us hate being critical towards our own work, especially something we’ve poured our heart and soul into. Don’t worry, now you don’t need to torture yourself – we are ready to do that for you (just kidding).

Why You Need an Application Essay Editing Service

You have just finished writing your admission essay: you are more than proud of yourself, and you feel great, confident and enthusiastic about sending it to your dream college. Probably you are imagining how the admission officer that reads your paper will shed a tear or two reading about your wonderful experience. Well, to reach that idyllic picture, you definitely need a quality and honest admission essay editing service first. Why? Let’s have a look at the reasons:

1) You may ramble too much.

Let’s be honest, everybody likes to talk about their own lives to the extent that it becomes annoying. That’s why nearly any article on communication skills tells us to finally shut up and start listening to other people, and promises that this will make us nearly instantly likable. You need to do the same thing with your admission essay.

Don’t overload it with amazing but totally unrelated stories about your life. The truth is, an admission essay is an advertisement of yourself you present to the admission committee. Make it focused! And professional application essay editing will both make your paper perfect and spare you the pain of cutting paragraphs that are completely unrelated to the main point of the text.

2) You jump from one thought to another.

We get it that you are excited to go to this college and want to tell them why you are a smart, funny, witty and amazing human being in just 800 double-spaced words. It’s very much like talking to your crush – you rehearse the witty hello in front of a mirror, but end up muttering some gibberish anyway. Well, that’s probably just how crushes work. The good news is, you can avoid this with your application essay if you find the right admission essay editing service.

Quality editing (which we obviously provide) includes not just checking the grammar and formatting of your paper, but making sure it’s well-structured, has logical transitions and basically makes sense to anybody aside from its author.

3) You reveal too many details.

While trying to appear sincere, interesting and non-trivial to admission officers, students sometimes use details of their personal lives they shouldn’t use in an official writing at any excuse. The description of someone’s first kiss is not something your admission officer wants to know about, however epic and related to the field of studies (wait, what?) it was, and that’s the most innocent example of what students have actually put into their personal statements.
Since we all have a very different understanding of what’s personal and what’s not, showing your paper to a professional editor before you send it to the institution of your dreams might be a great idea.

4) You need a confidence boost.

Look, most of the personal statements we receive as an application essay editing service are better than average. You may wonder, “Why do these people need such a service if they are capable of creating a decent, readable piece of text?” The answer is simple – confidence.

When you are emotionally invested into something, like getting to your dream college, you become nervous. And when you become nervous, you need reassurance that you are doing great. Of course, family and friends can provide that, but we all sometimes have this thought: “You are saying that just because you are my close friend.” The feeling of getting feedback from a professional in the field is incredible and skyrockets your confidence.

Why Choose Us

There are a lot of good websites that provide application essay editing services, so why should you choose us among the others? We are going to prove to you that we are not just a good service, but an awesome one:

  • We have awesome editors
    No, seriously – the people who have managed to survive a three-staged test must be awesome. We are very picky when it comes to accepting new members to our superhero team, but when we do accept, we make sure they are the best. For instance, the admission test features English grammar, formatting style rules and a sample essay to make sure our editors can themselves put thoughts into a clear structure. We also check their educational background, experience and personal values. We also look for more than just professional qualities – we want to hire people who are genuinely interested in sharing their knowledge, helping others and improving their writing skills.
  • We encourage competition.
    We have designed a bidding system that works like an auction, where your paper is the lot. Our editors suggest their prices, and you can pick the most suitable price and skill level after you review all bids that your paper has gathered. Such system helps us make sure that the level of service is constantly high, and the prices fair. It also encourages our editors to improve their skills, as our goal is not only to find awesome people, but to help them stay awesome and become even better. And what motivates more than a competition with fellow writers?
  • We admit our fails.
    We believe that what defines a service is its ability to handle mistakes and poor decisions. And by handling we mean not pretending that everything is okay when something is definitely not. We believe that accepting mistakes without a fuss and doing our best to fix them the easiest and fastest way possible is the ultimate method of handling them properly. That is why we have a free revisions policy. In case you are not satisfied with the admission essay editing services provided, you can always ask for a free amendment.
  • We want to help as many students as possible. Currently we are cooperating with students from the USA, UK and Australia, but we strive to expand horizons and help as many students as possible. To get help from expert EssaySeek editors, all you need to do is have an Internet connection and a paper in English that needs to be edited. We believe that by providing quality work to our clients we inspire them to reach their goals, and we take great pleasure in “thank you” comments telling us that the applicants have gotten to their dream colleges. Oh, that feeling is incredible!

But enough talking, finally – place your order, as we are eager to turn your admission essay into a polished gem of academic writing.