Business Essay About China

business essay about china

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The Reasons for the Global Transfer of the Worldwide Textile Production to China
In the age of globalization and continuous development of modern technologies the role of garments in everyday life-being of people is still tremendous. Therefore, lots and many of apparel manufacturers throughout the planet are trying their best to satisfy the customers’ needs in order to become the leaders and gain the maximum revenue. This is happening in each and every country. However, there is a paramount leader in this industry that produces more than 40 percent of the global garments and textile export (“Opportunities and Challenges”, 2014). It is China.

Garments produced in China are now in tremendous demand in the USA, Europe, and different Asian countries. The growth of the export had a profitable impact on the manufacturers inside the country and let them increase their annual incomes by 17 percent in 2013 (Wang, 2014). For today, the situation is not likely to change much, thus the increase of export is going to occur continuously.

However, China’s garments sector is a challengeable one. The country faces rising labor costs and labor shortage in coastal provinces. This is the reason for the fast development and export growth in other Asian countries, especially Cambodia, Vietnam, and India. The direction of China’s export has also shifted to the ASEAN region and Brazil (“Research and Markets”, 2013).

According to the experts’ point of view, China will remain the leading garments and textile sourcing country. There is no other region or country that could compete with China in terms of stability, efficiency, and expertise. This country has a great past and successful future concerning the further development of the clothing industry. However, the manufacturers should be ready to face with various internal and external challenges on the way to future prosperity.


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