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Big Corporations Shouldn’t Be Allowed in Small Towns Because They Put out Local Businesses From the Niche

Big corporations shouldn’t be allowed in small towns as they put out local businesses from the competitive market. As a result, economic conditions and employment in small towns are influenced the most negatively.

First of all, the study from the Portland, Maine shows that “local businesses constitute 76% greater returns to local economy compared to big chain stores” (Amar P, Garrett, M 4). According to (Amar P, Garrett, M 4), the effect of economic conditions have three core components. Direct effects – in which local businesses purchase goods and services from other firms while returning the profit. Indirect effects – in which supplying firms buy their own inputs, pay employees while returning the profit to local owners. Induced effects – buying local produced goods and services.

Secondly, employment in small countries is also reduced when big companies arrive. For instance, Walmart is one of the companies that destroyed jobs rather than creating retail employment in small towns. The research from (David N, Jun Fu Z, and Stephan C) shows that, each Walmart employee replaces 1.4 employees resulting in reduction of total retail employment by 2.7 %.

To conclude, small towns and local businesses have been the victim of big companies in almost all spheres. The employment and economic return reductions are main reasons why big companies should not be allowed in small towns.

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