Essay on Christian Religion in Byzantine Society

 essay on Christian religion

One of the characteristic features of medieval civilizations is the dominance of religion. For the first time, ideology in its religious form became the dominant factor in the development of society. In Byzantium, the dominant ideology was Christianity, which appeared in the 1st century. Christianity gave a new vision of the world, that the world consists of two parts: the world of the earthly (sinful) and the world of heaven (ideal, pure). In the 4th century, Byzantium adopted Christianity as an official religion. In the following essay on Christian religion, the author describes the role of Orthodox religion in Byzantine society and culture. You can use this essay as a model for your own essay, but don’t copy it to your paper without changes. Paraphrase this text, use ideas and information – do everything to make your text sound unique. And don’t forget about properly citing the source. Check out our essay on Christian religion below.

What Role Did the Orthodox Religion Play in Byzantine Society and Culture?

Religion has been part of our lives throughout history. Every nation has its own religious system (Christianity in the USA, Catholicism in Spain and Buddhism in Japan to name a few). Many wars have been fought because of it (for example the Holy War- Christians against Muslims). Religion teaches us how to live our lives and expresses itself in many ways (architecture, painting, literature). In this paper it will be shown how religion played an important role in the Byzantine society and culture, showing how a religion can be a reflection of the people that follow it.

The Byzantine Empire was known to be the eastern half of the Roman Empire, which survived for a thousand years over its western half and finally falling in 1453 (Macgillivray and Teal par. 1). After its emperor Constantine adopted Christian Orthodox religion, this became an important part of its people, which can be seen in how Byzantine society took their religion rituals and values very seriously, for example in respecting “order and traditional hierarchies. Family was at the center of society, and marriage, chastity, and celibacy were celebrated and respected” (“Byzantine” par. 7).

Culturally speaking, art is a great reflection of the society of the time and its beliefs. Benjamin Rowland states that “the purpose of Byzantine art was to glorify the Christian religion and to express its mystery.” (par. 5). Religion was the main inspiration to its art, reinforcing that way the teachings of the time.

Of all this it could be inferred that the Orthodox religion had an important role in uniting the Empire starting with families, and through them to construct a whole system of values and order that lasted 1000 years.

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