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Why do so many people think about Paulo Coelho’s books negatively?
Nowadays there are hot debates about problems which are described in Paulo Coelho`s books.  For example, A. Dnistrovsky thinks that Paulo Coelho did not solve the problems in his books, but only represent them to the public in a symbolic way. Other people claim that Coelho described serious things in a simple and a beautiful way. His works are full of things hard to understand and attempts to find the sense of living. The main goal which Coelho illuminated in his creations is the philosophy of life (, 2015).

Moreover, most of Coelho`s approaches are based on “God” and that is why people who do not believe in things like “External Force” cannot connect with his novels. Some have pointed out that his books keep the structure of a children`s story, but related to adults and only for that his books have succeeded (, 2014).

As for me, I believe that novels of Paulo Coelho have some simple magic. For instance, his book “The Alchemist” teaches us to never give up and always believe in a bright future, even when at this moment you are in the dark. Sometimes it happens when you have hard times and need something that will inspire you and will shelter hope for the good life.

To sum up, at the interview for The New York Times Paulo Coelho insisted that he is not guru and each book is a little bit of him. Also, he said, he wrote about himself because that is what he knows about. Besides, he writes not for money but for people who desire something that will bring a hope in their hearts (, 2005).


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