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What are the effects of health or nutrition education on children?
Health and nutrition intelligence is one of the key subjects that can affect the formation of the lifestyle of a future adult in their scholar years. However, these issues are often neglected by standard educational school schedules even in the most developed countries of the world. This can lead to poor self-care, absence of basic food culture and health habits. Globally, this could mean a lower level of national health. However, it could be fixed by taking simple measures.

In order to proof the importance and effectiveness of health and nutrition education several studies in different countries were performed. One research, in Greece, launched an educational program regarding health and nutrition in several schools. There were 288 intervention group pupils, and 183 control group children. All subjects of the study underwent full medical examination. In three years, after the second medical check-up the intervention group showed average lower levels of cholesterol, and an average lower BMI. Another study, conducted in South Korea had also shown a positive correlation between health and nutrition consciousness and health education in scholars.

These studies proof the effectiveness of educational programs that regard health and nutrition. They allow the pupils to understand the fundamental principles of prevention of the most common diseases. They are also important in the development of healthy habits and food culture. These two factors are critical in the prevention of cardiovascular and other lifestyle diseases. Health knowledge motivates scholars from their early years to care for themselves. This results in a healthier nation, and less expenses for the government curing diseases in the future. This is why health and nutrition classes should be obligatory in schools.

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