Sociology Essays Will Be Easy for You With This Guide

We bet you decided to choose sociology courses because you thought they were easy and you needed more credits in this semester. And now you are staring at a blank page in your text editor and wondering: “Why did I think that writing a sociology essay is easy?” It’s far from being easy and entertaining. But don’t lose your courage, we are here to help you master that essay without effort. Try these secret tricks, and you will see that you are capable of writing about the most difficult sociology topics.

Let’s Get Sociological!
The first question that comes to a student’s head when he or she gets assigned an essay on sociology is “How is this one different from essays on other humanities?” Here’s how: while writing sociology essays, you need to use a sociological perspective. It can be divided into three main parts:

Analysis of your social world
Sociological theories
Sociological terminology and concepts

If you want to be a true scientist, or just get a B+ or higher on that essay, you need to distance yourself from your social world and see it as an object of research. The problem with this point is that you need to ruminate about something familiar and see it from a different perspective. Regarding this fact, it’s much easier to write about other cultural and age groups, because you are being an outside observer in such a situation.

Another important component of a sociological perspective is analyzing your social surroundings in terms of three major theories – functionalism, interactionism and critical theory – and their combinations. These theories are used to analyze different groups in terms of political power, social influence and how these influences determine behaviors of the groups or individuals within it. Sounds fancy and difficult, right? Don’t worry, once you start working on your sociology essay, you will get acquainted with all of these difficult theories.

And finally, we have come to the most difficult part – sociology concepts. These concepts include terms and ideas which are exclusive to sociology, such as acedia and anomie. They are not easy words you can look up in a dictionary, you rather need to acquire knowledge over the course of your studies to understand them. So if you were doing nothing the whole course, you have two ways out: excessive studying in the last minute or writing whatever comes to your head in the hope that your paper will pass.

Problems Students Face While Writing Sociology Essays
Academic writing is difficult and unnatural to some extent. It’s like teaching a child to eat using utensils. Setting aside the coordination problems, the ability to eat using a spoon and a fork is not ingrained in your genes, we have to learn how to do it. The same thing is with academic writing – we are not normally thinking in perfect logic with arguments, evidence and supporting claims. Apart from those difficulties, sociology essays pose some other challenges for students. Here is a list of the most common ones:

“Why? Because it’s red”
When you are twenty, you are generally not good at reasoning, let alone academically. Students face a lot of difficulties because they don’t understand why you should include obvious things as supporting arguments. If you believe that the thesis is true, you certainly have reasons to! Just don’t forget to include those reasons for your readers.

“I did the research”
A student acquired a lot of knowledge on a certain topic during his or her sociology essay writing, and now this student automatically assumes that everybody has the same amount of knowledge on the topic. This leads to a belief that thorough explanations of the thesis and supporting claims are unnecessary, and the student either struggles with meeting the demands of the essay’s volume or leaves the assessors with an unpleasant feeling of having read an incomplete work.

“Now let’s talk about this because I want to”

It’s hard to stay coherent and concise while writing sociology essays, and we understand your struggle. Our brains weren’t designed to think in a straight way. You may ask: then why would you inflict such torture on yourself, if being strictly logical is not even natural? Well, you probably heard that beauty is pain, and the same thing is true about your intelligence. By challenging your usual patterns of thinking you develop your brain and let it have a wider perspective of the world.

So next time you think that your professor is making you stick to a strict plan, remember that he or she is not being plainly cruel and killing creativity in the bud, but helping your brain to develop new thinking schemes.

“It’s either A or B”
We are so used to judging things that we don’t even notice how much this attitude impacts our lives. And this is even more so with social media, where we can express our enjoyment or disapproval immediately. Some areas of life, however, should be spared of emotional judgments, and science is definitely one of them.

Remember, writing sociology essays is always about being objective. We know that it’s really hard to stay calm when you are researching a topic which has great importance for you personally. It’s even harder to include opinions that confront your beliefs and show that these opinions are as credible as those you support. It’s crucial to stay objective and include more than a black-or-white, two sided point of view into your essay. This is what science is all about – broadening your mind and teaching you to respect the ideas and people you disagree with.

What is the most obnoxious difficulty you face while writing sociology essays, and what are the ways of dealing with it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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