The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Essay

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Essay

No matter how many years or even centuries will pass, children and adults will read “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” with the same pleasure as the writer’s contemporaries. And it won’t be a wonder, as this story has everything that can touch the reader: adventures, humor, unexpected twists, and even a love story. Tom Sawyer is a teenager from a small town on the Mississippi. He is full of energy, witty, and adventurous, and as a boy of 12, lives with his aunt Polly. The life of Tom Sawyer was full of interesting and sometimes dangerous adventures. But with his friend Huck, he comes out of all dangerous situations with honor, revealing his best qualities. The following “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” essay sample describes why this book is of great importance in American literature.

What Would Be a Good, Creepy Literature Book to Read?

When thinking of the American Literature, we firstly think of Mark Twain’s masterpiece, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. This novel is of great importance, as it shows us the vows of American society, entertains the readers with its attractive scenes, and addresses the readers with a very simple language that children usually use.

Twain criticized the racial discrimination in the American society, especially in the southern states. In his trip from the south to the north through the Mississippi, Tom tells the story of the black man, Jim, who escapes from slavery to go the northern states, where he can find his freedom and buy his family to live in peace. Baker (1999) stated that in Twain’s work, the white people were considered as “murderers, bullies, swindlers, lynchers, thieves.” The only true friend was Jim, which is considered as an irony of society, which underestimates black people while they are the best friends.

Another important point in this novel is criticizing the strictness of the religious people, represented by Aunt Polly. Twain wanted to show that the religious practices of some people are so boring, in a reference to the importance of the secular life rather than the religious one. Throughout the novel, Aunt Polly was portrayed as a strict person, whom can be easily bluffed by a young boy, Tom. However, after finding Tom and his friend Finn, Aunt Polly was quite overwhelming, especially when she kissed him. This seen showed that children need love, more than anything else.

The last point to be discussed in this essay is the writing technique. Twain made the central character the young boy, Tom; the novel was told through his eyes. This made the readers laugh at Tom’s behavior as a naughty boy and indirectly accepts his views about society. Criticizing society was not allowed that time; thus, Twain used this technique to make people accept his criticism.

To put it in a nutshell, Twain’s The Adventure of Tom Sawyer is considered as one of the best novels to be read due to its techniques, social impact, and flow which makes the reader enjoy every single word of it.

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