Women Equality Essay

Women Equality Essay

An essential question of equality between men and women has been discussed for years. In this women equality essay you will find information that gender inequality may be considered as the most clichéd topic in history. This 300 word essay sample was written by an EssaySeek writer to present to you how this type of essay may look. We strongly recommend you not to copy this women equality essay as it will be a violation of the author’s rights. Use our papers for citations or as a source of information to write you own exclusive essay.

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Women Equality in Historical Perspective

Human’s history is so long that there are events that are overly used to the point of irritation.  From a long list of choices, I would say that gender inequality would be the most clichéd.  The reasons why this event is clichéd will be discussed below.

It is overly portrayed that women are weak minded.  From England where noble females cannot inherit a noble title to Ancient East Asia where women cannot hold political power, females are treated as a Damsel in Distress.  According to Sean Lynch, patriarchal culture was not much different than many other ancient cultures in its perception of female weakness, except for the fact that it arguably dehumanized the role of women more than any other culture (swlynch.com). Furthermore, these occurrences do not unfortunately solely belong in the past.  It can still be seen until today even though there are obvious progressive changes of female treatments.   Another portrayal of gender inequality is the unequal abilities of men as compared to women.

Women are always compared to men in terms of their ability to do things.  As Evelyn Reed wrote, men are socially superior because they are naturally superior. Men, it is claimed, are endowed by nature with superior physical and mental attributes.  A good example is the preference of sons over daughters in India. One of their reasons would be because of a bride’s costly dowry (Gierstorfer).  However, it has been a norm that Indian women are viewed as objects or things to be sold or played with.

History is not placed in a vacuum.  It is one of the many reasons why it is difficult to deduce using historical claims and basis.  History encompasses a lot of fields such as Sociology, Politics even Culture.  Nevertheless, gender inequality, clichéd from a historical point of view is a pressing matter that needs to be looked over twice.

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