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Once you have finished your paper, we can congratulate you! It may seem that the hardest part of writing has come to an end, but what about proofreading? The paper will be considered as finished only when the last word will be checked. Little imperfections of your text will be seen by the tutor right away, and these little mistakes may even overshadow your brilliant thoughts and ideas reflected in the text. An ideal paper should be perfect in everything, and if you feel that you can skip mistakes or this work seems too boring for you, take a look at copy editing companies. A professional copy editor will check inconsistencies, content quality, style, punctuation, grammar, spelling, and every mistake that drives most tutors mad. So, how to find a copy editor?

5 Tips to Consider While Choosing an Editor

  1. Ask yourself what you are looking for.
    When you decide that you need an online copy editor, you need to answer some questions. Do you need an editor that will just correct the spelling or other punctuation errors and make you confident that everything is in the right place? Do you want an editor that will see the big-picture issues and correct them in the right way? Or do you need someone that specifies in a certain style or industry, like a scientific copy editor? Do you need more profound help or just want to send a complete work for editing and get simple editing and proofreading? To get the right results you should set and understand your goals – this will help you while contacting the editors.
  2. Try different editors.
    It’s great if your friends have already used services of editing companies, but if not – a general Google search will be a help. Also, you can see different ratings on various sites, but it doesn’t mean that the listed services will perform the best. Keep in mind that you should examine the service or particular editor on your own.
  3. Focus on what to consider at first contact.
    As soon as you have chosen several names of copy editor services, check their websites and ask questions that interest you the most. Find out more about their specialization and what kind of editing services they propose. The best variant is to ask the editor for a sample editing if it’s possible. Many editors propose a free sample edit, so don’t miss this valuable option. And check the editor’s rating – it also matters a great deal.
  4. Set your expectations appropriately.
    During your collaboration with the editor, don’t expect them to make an unusual insight of your work. Pay attention – the professional copy editor will be contacting you for additional details to understand your paper better and to take into account all requirements and expectations. It is a good sign if your editor shows even a little enthusiasm about your work.
  5. Consider analyzing a sample edit.
    If you are lucky enough to find an editor with free or inexpensive sample edits, you should know what points to pay attention to. First and foremost, is your edited sample delivered on time or with delays? If the editor will miss the deadline, you practically should see a big red flag waving above his or her name. This particular editor may be the best of the best editors on the earth, but your plans for a bright future will be ruined in an instant if the editor will miss your deadline. As soon as you receive your sample edit, check what changes the editor suggested. Has the editor commented on the changes that were made? Were there any insights about your work?

So, Where Is My Perfect Online Copy Editor? has gathered a strong team of professional academic copy editors that are ready for tasks of any complexity. Every writer has at least a bachelor's degree and most of their activity is concentrated on writing and language. Some of them continue being active in their scientific fields, conducting teaching and researching. We have experts in many disciplines, including science, arts, social science, economy, law, medicine, engineering and more. We carefully choose our editors, as experience and expertise in the field of editing is in first place in terms of importance.

Our editors know the expectations of universities in UK, USA and Australia and have the ability to help students with quality writing. Be sure that the editor will complete your task accordingly with your specifications and the university's specifications as well. Our writers can edit your paper according to these formats: APA, MLA, and Chicago/Turabian. In case you have another format or specification, just list it in your order.

You are able to choose any editor from our list. As soon as you place the order with us, our editors will examine your requirements and start making offers. You can check their profiles, qualifications, ratings, feedback from customers and the number of completed works. At your personal page you will find an online chat where you can ask the editors questions if something remain undisclosed. Based on the information received, you make the final choice.

From your personal page you can not only chat with the writer, but also track the progress of your paper. If your paper is long enough, it may be divided in parts and you can pay for each part. The payment will be released only after your confirmation that the paper is completed and you are satisfied with the quality. Our payment system is prepaid. You put some amount of money on your personal account, place the order, receive it and pay only for the completed work.

Our editing services are not free, as every professional should be paid. Don’t be afraid; our prices are affordable and you can find a price that suits you the most. At you can plan your budget, as every writer has an individual price. You have many chances to find the writer that not only corresponds with your specifications, but also charges a fair price. For your convenience, your payment can be divided into several parts or you can release the whole payment as soon as you receive the whole work.

Safety and Confidentiality

The EssaySeek team takes seriously the subject of client confidentiality, as we understand that academic papers contain original information and research. We have passed all steps of security to keep all your works safe and ensure confidentiality in our privacy policy. To guarantee the safety of your financial data, you have an option to pay in part via PayPal’s independent payment system. We guarantee you both financial and personal data safety.

Our editing service has already helped many students to polish their academic papers. We can proofread and edit all kinds of academic papers, such as essays, research papers, reports, dissertations, academic articles and other papers for you. All orders are carefully completed by our experienced editors. Be sure that you make the right choice. No matter where you are, whether in London or Tokyo, our service is available 24 hours a day for your convenience. So, if you have some academic problems, choose!