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A dissertation is always a work about qualification. You are defending some kind of work in which you show your skills. This doesn't necessarily need to be a breakthrough direction in science and practice. But sometimes this concept of qualifying the work is somehow simplified. It is believed that if you wrote several formulas or 150 pages of reasoning, the qualification work is complete and you can go to defend it. However, this is not so. It is also required to go thorough dissertation copy editing.

Why do people generally defend the dissertation? Why is there such an interest, such a motivation to defend the dissertation? A specialist will be valued more highly if he or she defends a dissertation. But writing a dissertation is not an easy task. Moreover, you need to deal with dissertation copy editing after finishing writing.

What You Should Know Before Editing Your Dissertation

  • Let us now turn to a very important part of the process of writing a dissertation. A thesis is one, two or even several tasks. The question is: Who should set the tasks, and how? This is an important question. The graduate students and masters themselves cannot set tasks; this is a normal phenomenon, so it is not necessary to be surprised at this and worry about it. The ability to set goals successfully comes with experience. In order to be able to set tasks well, you have to work hard. Therefore, we are confronted here with two problems: the choice of the supervisor and the choice of the topic of the dissertation.
  • What is the task in this situation? As we understand it, the task should clearly define what is given and what we intend to get and more, as well as the ways to solve the problem and the apparatus we use. However, the task is always specific, as in the school curriculum. An example is, say, data analysis using linear regression. You have an apparatus, you solve the problem and get something as a result. Another example: you have input data, you have a model that describes the behavior of participants, and you need to find first-order conditions. This is the task.
  • The problem is a little bit different. It is known that it is given, but what we will get is far from known. Moreover, the apparatus and technique are often unknown. We have to reinvent them according to the problem or modify some existing ones. Whence there are problems and how they are solved – these questions are considered in many books.
  • Topics for graduate students should be clear and fully resolved, with an understanding of how to solve them. For example, the general theory of the functioning of the US economy is not a dissertation topic – it is some kind of good intention that has no solution whatsoever. In our opinion, these are not scientific topics at all, so we will not talk about them. On the other hand, there is a great danger that graduate students try to choose such narrow topics that, it seems to them, it is easier to write on. Here we want to warn you: any thesis requires the expenditure of some intellectual and physical resources.
  • Do not waste your time on topics that are too narrow and are of no interest to anyone. You cannot waste time on a dissertation that will become obsolete before you can protect it, and you cannot waste time on a dissertation that will be put on the shelf and be forgotten in six months. Always try to choose the right balance of the importance of the work and the effort. The thesis is a spent effort.
  • There must be an element of fundamentalism in the work; you do not simply do the technical work, set the values and the parameters, and the computer counts everything and you get some conclusions. You see, there must be some new perspective on the problem – it's not necessarily a breakthrough in science, but at least something new should be gained. Fundamentalism is achieved very simply – we need models, even quite simple ones, but there must be models. This applies to all sciences, not just mathematics, economics and political science; there must be new models in the work leading to new views.
  • After you understand that your dissertation is finished, you need to go through dissertation copy editing. If you can't deal with it on your own, get our help.

Help With Dissertation Copy Editing

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