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How to write a dissertation? This is not a trivial task. Suitable literature should be found, the notes should be made and, finally, the dissertation itself, including a bibliography, must be developed and written. There are dozens of books and articles on how to do a literature review, and how to write a dissertation, and for sure, after some amount of time you will understand and complete this work. But as soon as you write the last words, a new challenge will come – proofreading and editing your work. Educational programs at colleges and universities give their students many lists of skills that can be developed during studies. But editing rarely appears on those lists. And when you have written your dissertation, the editing process may fill you with many questions.

What Is APA Style?

Students who write dissertations in the fields of linguistics, social and political sciences, business and management, computer science and information management and many other social sciences usually follow the APA style guidelines. For many academic articles, APA style is required too.

The APA style manual is a collection of requirements for an academic paper. The guide says how you should punctuate and capitalize the text, how to abbreviate, when to italicize. Also, there are other requirements:

  • A special format is applied for tables, captions and figures.
  • Font and size should be Times New Roman, 12 point.
  • Line spacing: double-spaced throughout the text.
  • Paragraph indentation for the first line is one-half inch.
  • Page numbers should be placed in the upper-right corner, next to a running head in the upper-left.
  • Citations in the text should have a parenthetical author-date format.
  • References should be placed at the end of the body of the paper and correspond with APA format.

The APA style manual is available online, at libraries and bookstores. Keep in mind that the APA guidance may differ from the university’s own dissertation handbook, as the guide was written for journal articles. That’s why every university creates unique handbooks to increase readability of big texts and to meet printing and publishing requirements. If you are wondering what guide you should follow, always choose your university's handbook.

When Will You Need an APA Editor?

The decision of hiring an editor should depend on your working style, amount of time before the deadline and feedback from your advisor or committee. For better understanding, answer the following questions if you are wondering about editing the dissertation by yourself or finding APA editors for hire.

- Are you a practical person?
- Can you focus on the details?
- Can you see the big picture and be strategic?
- How much time do you have till the deadline?
- Do you want to learn more about styles, spelling and grammar?
- Will you feel more productive if you spend more time on editing?

Some students seek any possibility to learn more, but if you know that you can’t see mistakes of your work and it drives you crazy, and if you have no time for repeating information about styles and punctuation, there is no need to struggle. This means that you need to call a professional editor that will clean your text. It is normal that some scholars have language barriers or have poor writing skills. Even professional writers hire editors for their books. Proofreading your own text is a really hard task and it’s better to have someone who has a fresh eye and some experience in editing academic texts. You will totally benefit from using an editing service.

Hiring an editor for dissertation will improve your writing.

Professional editors give you an expert opinion about your writing, improve your manuscript, increase readability and focus on the flow of the paper. Be sure that after receiving the edited paper, your grammar, spelling, punctuation, word use and style will be completely sound.

Help from a graduate editor will save time and nerves.

Students that have already decided that they will hire a professional editor for dissertation become more productive with their writing. They don’t need to worry about every sentence and spend time on thinking about whether the formatting is perfect. The thought that someone with good experience will be editing your dissertation takes some of the pressure off your mind.

With the help of an editor, dissertation will be quickly accepted by your supervisor.

An experienced editor knows how the research process goes and the reasons why dissertation committees reject or approve students' works. If you want to avoid numerous revisions from your supervisor or have little time until the deadline, you should ask an editing service to help you.

Where Can I Find a Dissertation Editor? What Can I Expect?

On EssaySeek.com you will find qualitative and professional help with your dissertation. As soon as you complete your paper, leave it to our editing service. We know that, most likely, the worst thing for a student is to receive your dissertation from a dissertation committee with a large number of corrections and suggestions. To avoid this unpleasant situation, hire an editor from EssaySeek.com. Be sure that your paper will be handled carefully, and at the final stage will correspond to all your specifications.

We have a team of writers that have experience in editing dissertations and other academic papers. We employ professionals that understand what problems every student faces while writing a dissertation and know all niceties of the dissertation editing process. All formatting styles are met by our dissertation editors: APA, MLA, Chicago, and others. If your institution has a unique dissertation guide, be sure – your dissertation will adhere to it. Correcting dissertations is a piece of cake for a professional editor, so your work will be examined and corrected in the shortest time possible.

The aim of our editors' work is to proofread and edit your papers. They will check the readability of your paper, check the structure, grammar, spelling and punctuation. In addition, the editor can:
- Check the compliance of your work with your university’s style guidelines.
- Generate an accurate table of contents with applicable heading levels.
- Set the page numbers according to correct format and location.
- Apply correct paragraph indentation and line spacing.

The works of a dissertation editor cost money. Our rates are not high; you will have an opportunity to plan your budget and choose the writer that proposes the most suitable price for you. If you worry about your security, stay calm. Our service guarantees the safety of your information from third parties. All texts that pass through the hands of our writers are carefully edited and completely safe.

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