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Editing (in other words, checking and correcting the text) is one of the most important stages of work for a document. When starting to edit the text, it is important to clearly understand what goals are set for you. And if achieving these goals is difficult for you, you'd better find an online doc editor who can help you with this task.

Editing can be both purely stylistic (i.e. not affecting content) and semantic. In the first case, the online doc editor is required to have, first and foremost, impeccable literacy, with a subtle sense for the words. In the second case, along with this, a thorough knowledge of the substance of the matter and possession of factual material is important. There are, however, general principles.

The general scheme of work of the online doc editor looks like this:

  • perception – criticism – adjustments
  • verification of actual material
  • identification of composite defects
  • identification of stylistic errors
  • detection of spelling and punctuation errors

In the first stage of editing, the perception of the text is extremely important. Before you change anything, you should read the entire document. Some of the questions can usually be removed during reading. In addition, only with a holistic perception is a document editor able to evaluate the composition, detect contradictions, logical errors, disproportionate parts of the document, etc.

After the document has been read and the errors and points that have been doubted are noted, the most difficult and sensitive question of the permissible degree of interference in the text is to be solved. The peculiarity of the editorial work is that corrections are made in someone else's text. Therefore, the document editor has the right to change the form, but not the content of the document. Not always the question of the permissible limits of interference in the text is solved simply. First of all, this refers to the problem of verbal repetitions.

The official and business style has its own specifics. One of the fundamental requirements for the language of documents is the accuracy and unambiguous nature of utterance. And although the repetition of the same word within a small text is usually considered a stylistic error, this is permissible when it comes to repeating terms. Special vocabulary has a number of features that must be taken into account. The meaning of the term is specific – it often does not have absolute synonyms and cannot be replaced by another word without changing the essence of the utterance. Therefore, it is often necessary to make an exception for texts saturated with terminology, and to keep verbal repetitions for the sake of the accuracy of meaning.

The document editor should remember: if he or she has to keep repeats, it is needed to think about other ways to "facilitate" the text. In particular, long, cumbersome proposals can be abandoned. Most often it is not difficult to turn a complex sentence into a few simple ones.

The most important principles of editing can be defined as follows:

  • preservation of document content unchanged
  • the opportunity to prove that interference in the text is necessary
  • integrity and consistency (all faults are noted and corrected immediately, since one change may entail another)
  • clarity and accuracy

The latter seems obvious. Nevertheless, it is not uncommon for the document editor to make corrections by hand, and some words then turn out to be unreadable. In the future, anyone who types the text on the computer can unwittingly make a new mistake in the document.

It is completely unacceptable, after finishing the editorial work, to leave question marks or other notes on the margins. Editorial functions are considered to be performed after all doubts are resolved and only the marks intended for making corrections are left on the margin of the document.

There are four main types of editing:

  • proofreading
  • correction – reduction
  • editing – processing
  • editing – rewriting

Proofreading is as close as possible to correcting work. It is a correction of spelling and punctuation errors and typos. Such corrections usually do not require agreement with the person signing the document.

Modern computer technology has freed the workers of the document sphere from most of the proofreading work: text editors allow you to check spelling and make corrections directly during typing. But this should not be the basis for perfect carelessness. In this matter, as in many others, a person has no right to rely entirely on technology.

It must be borne in mind that computer text editors do not “understand” many of the proper names. Surnames, initials, geographical names, names of enterprises and institutions should be verified with special care.

Corrections of All Mistakes by a Document Editor

If you notice that your document needs to be edited, feel free to contact Do not rely on automatic corrections provided by a computer – our document editor will make all necessary corrections. Only our editor, who will understand the meaning of the statement, will be able to detect all errors.

If you need correction and reduction, firstly, when it is necessary, our editor will make the document shorter by any means. We can reduce something in your document when the text contains redundant information, such as repetitions and so on. The editor will remove well-known facts, truisms, extra introductory words and constructions from your text.

Our editor will be well-oriented in the material and be able to determine how justified the repetition of the same words are and whether their replacement is allowed by synonyms. Also, we can make all necessary improvements in the style of the document. All errors and shortcomings associated with the violation of the compatibility of words, the inseparability of paronyms, the use of cumbersome syntactic constructions, and other errors will be eliminated.

The document corrected by our qualified editor will:

  • Be void of any actual errors and typos.
  • Be perfectly literate in terms of spelling and punctuation.
  • Have an optimal volume.
  • Be built according to the laws of logic.
  • Correspond to the stylistic norms of the English literary language and the special requirements of the official and business style.

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