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Usually the position of native English editor is taken by a person who is a native English speaker and also good at literature. As a rule, these are ex teachers of literature, journalists and even writers. The emphasis is on "ex," because at the moment when they become "editors" they simply do not have time for creativity or other activities. Attention becomes completely absorbed by books and texts.

An English language editor is an educated, well-read and literate person. They do not tolerate even a few mistakes. They are bothered by this, but they have to endure because it is their work. And now imagine that for several weeks in a row, dozens of texts are coming, and ones which are clumsily written, with a bunch of mistakes, and even with mediocre content. This is an occasion for a breakdown. And most importantly, it negatively affects the legitimately good works that writers send. An editor with a bad mood is an enemy to any author. Unfortunately this is so, since they (editors) are also people with feelings and moods.

Go ahead. The English editor is not just a reader of the text. This person should look at the work from the author's point of view. He or she must understand what the author wanted to say in his or her novel (or story or text). This means the editor must see the author's intention, see the soul of the book. Unfortunately, the ordinary (mass) reader is not given this talent. He or she (the reader) sees in the book only what is written. The reader sees the letters. The reader does not read between the lines, does not seek a deep meaning. If it is written, “... Ben went to the cinema ...” then the reader simply sees this action. In reality, the author actually meant that while watching the movie, Ben wanted to cuddle the girl that works in the cinema at the ticket office, and the film is not important to him. It is an editor's job to detect these hidden contexts and understand how to improve the writing.

The language editor should see what the author wanted to convey. As a rule, novice writers do not trouble themselves with such a heartfelt understanding of what they are doing (writing). It seems to them that if he or she thinks so, then others will think the same. But that is wrong. There is a saying: "so many men, so many minds," and nowhere else than literature is its meaning more relevant.

Therefore, the only real reader who understands the essence of the described things (or tries to understand) is the editor. He or she does not seek errors (this is done by the proofreader). The editor evaluates the work according to certain parameters: word strength, writing style, theme, genre, depth of thought, ease of text for readability, brevity, construction, and so on.

To summarize, I want to say the following: before sending the manuscript to the editorial office or publishing house, give it to someone to read through. Preferably, send it not to a close person and not to a known critic. You can give your manuscript for approval to other writers – for example, on a forum. Do not hesitate to do this. Otherwise, great authors will become victims because of the editor's bad mood.

Since the time when newspapers became popular all over the world, a new profession has appeared – the editor. The duties of this specialist originally included checking and preparing material for publication, but with time, the functions of the profession have changed. Today, print media is represented by online publications, magazines and newspapers, and the editors are responsible for the quality of information. But what should you do if you need an editor to edit an academic paper?

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The evaluation of language and style implies the correspondence of the text to general and particular requirements to language and style, to what we call stylistic norms, and grammatical and stylistic correctness. The editor's language knowledge helps him or her to present high-quality editing assistance.

  • Our editor will work with language and style that is closely connected with other aspects of editorial analysis – for example, terminology can be considered in the light of the evaluation of factual material, and in terms of adequacy of language and style of the text. The editor uses the criteria for assessing language and style, but the evaluation conclusions, recommendations to the customer, and interference in the text depend on the features of the paper.
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