How to Revise an Essay: Three Best Methods

how to revise essays

Revision! Most students barely manage to reread their own writing after they have finished it, let alone to proofread a paper and actually correct the mistakes they find. The aversion students feel towards this procedure is understandable, but the good news is that you can make the process easy and fast if you learn effective ways for how to revise your essay. But first of all, let’s dig to the roots and find out why most students hate the idea of rereading their paper the second time.

Why We Hate Editing Our Texts

It’s no doubt that there are some people who genuinely enjoy editing even their own writing, but most of us feel a little bit tense and unmotivated when it comes to rereading our writing. Some may say this is merely a matter of discipline, but we at believe there’s actually much more going on in our brains when we think about editing our writing. What lies behind these feelings?

1) You hate finding mistakes.

Let’s admit it – being absolutely cool and calm about your screw-ups requires some mental training. We become attached to things we put effort in, and that’s why there are dozens and dozens of articles with advice on surviving fails floating around the Internet. When you realize that you need to criticize, cut and refine your own work, you automatically hate the idea even before starting on some subconscious level. Thinking that you will feel aversion to even the thought of editing, you may just procrastinate to the very last moment and then decide it’s too late and hand in your paper without proofreading it. You can avoid this outcome, however, and make the most of your essay if you learn how to revise an essay wisely.

2) You are too tired.

Maybe you managed to summon all your power of will to reread your essay, just to find a major logical problem and a couple of sentences that require rewriting. We hate proofreading our papers because we are afraid that we will actually find mistakes. And given the fact we are not robots, we definitely will. This means putting even more effort after completing the exhausting process of writing the essay. Our brains are naturally averse to something that sounds like more work, but you can hack into it if you learn smart ways on how to revise essays.

How to Revise an Essay: Effective Methods

The realization of why editing is disliked by so many students can be liberating. Students usually think, “I’m not lazy, my brain just hates doing it!” However, essays still need to be edited, and that’s when you have to work smart or hard. We advise you to check out these methods on how to revise your essay without any additional stress.

1) Employ creative revising techniques.

Have you ever tried reading your paper backwards, or reading in person like an actor practicing a role? Find the most ridiculous thing you can do to your paper and try it. Of course, this doesn’t mean burning it or making origami – you need to do something that involves reading the paper, yet challenges the traditional ways of editing.

2) Stick to the traditional approach.

If you are not into innovative techniques, or you simply don’t have time to adjust to a new approach, sticking to the basics is always a great idea. Give yourself a couple of hours of rest, preferably do something entirely different that doesn’t involve demanding brain activity. In other words, stop doing your homework and go for a walk or talk to a friend. But don't do it via a messenger – do it in person!

3) Hire a professional to do the job for you.

This may seem unproductive at first, since you don’t have an opportunity to use and improve your own editing skills and see your own mistakes, but some situations demand this method to be used. More than that, you will have more time for yourself and for much needed rest, which is sometimes much more useful than spending a sleepless night trying to find mistakes in your paper.

Where Can I Get Help?

Regardless of whether you regularly proofread papers on your own or avoid proofreading completely, getting the occasional help can be useful in terms of managing your time at college or even getting enough sleep. We know that studying can be hard, and we are always ready to help a student in distress. So what do you need to do to receive editing help from our experienced authors? Just follow these four simple steps:

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Sounds easy, doesn’t it? At least this is much better than staring pointlessly at your paper in the middle of the night hoping that you will be able to summon your power of will to reread one more paragraph. Let’s be honest – you won’t. And you could have avoided the tedious work in the first place; all you need to do now is just to go to and ask for help.

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