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How would you feel if an admission committee did not look at your assessments, experience or test scores when applying to business school? Imagine for a moment that a committee representative finds only your essay when he opens a package of documents. He must make a decision solely on the basis of what is written in your essay, and make a decision that will affect your future life. Remember! The essay is the only aspect of your package of documents over which you have complete control. And the image that the admission committee will see is in your hands too. Every admission officer wants to see a real human, a leader, with pluses and minuses, but not an imaginary average image.

Only 15% of all essays immediately fall into the "take" folder and go straight to the dean's desk. After approval, such authors can be considered as accepted. The bulk of essays (about 75%) need to be clarified. These works are reviewed repeatedly. The main questions that admission officers clarify when reading the essays are: Will this candidate successfully attend training in a business school? What potential will this candidate bring to the team? What does the candidate look like in the background of other applicants?

A poorly written MBA admission essay will dramatically lower your chances to attend business school. So think twice while writing for an MBA essay, editing should be a necessary part of your writing process.

Common MBA Essay Editing Mistakes

Mistake # 1: the use of slang expressions.

The essay should be written in an interesting, vivid language, conveying the colors of everything that is written. However, one of the big mistakes is the usage of slang expressions. Avoid these words, even if you use them everyday. They will not emphasize your features or personality, but only cause harm. Before using these words in the text, think about whether they clarify and avoid confusing the person who reads it.

Mistake # 2: typos.

Misprints are the most common errors in essays. It's amazing that they can be corrected by simply checking what has been written. But only a few do it. After writing an essay, read it again. Correct mistakes, typos, inaccuracies, and correctly place punctuation marks. Remember that typos, mistakes, and careless essay structure carry a tinge of negativity. They are able to cast a shadow even on the most interesting, vivid stories and raise doubts about your candidacy.

Mistake # 3: lack of emotions.

Your essay should be bright and emotional. Please note that a person in the admissions office reads dozens of essay packages on the same topic a day. Your task is to make your essay stand out from the general mass and be remembered by the reader. Pay special attention to the first and last sentence in each paragraph. The first sentence should capture the reader. The main part should disclose the story, constantly keeping the reader in suspense. The last sentence is to sum up the whole paragraph and harmoniously "contact" the first sentence. This technique requires a huge amount of time and effort, but the result, as a rule, justifies it.

Mistake # 4: copying an essay for several schools.

Despite the fact that most schools talk about the same "list" of qualities in the candidate and often ask similar questions, the "character" of the students, culture, values and atmosphere of each school is different. Therefore, something that might be of interest to one school does not necessarily interest the other. Make sure that you have studied the school and the program where you plan to receive the MBA education.

Mistake # 5: skimping on editors.

It's difficult to edit your own essay when you are so close to the material. Find someone else who will help you with improving your writing and give you feedback. Find business school graduates or students, friends or family members who are strong writers to look at your work. But the best option is to hire professional editors from an MBA essay editing service and be totally sure that your work looks ideal.

EssaySeek: The Best MBA Essay Editing Service

EssaySeek specialists edit and even write essays for entering business schools, as well as prepare mini-essays and current assignments included in the educational program.

We edit MBA essays in different structures and forms. Here are just a few:

  • point for point
  • structural segmentation
  • example structure
  • chronological structure

The content and form of any MBA essay has two global objectives. The first is to show why you have chosen the MBA program in the context of your experience, education and career, and the second – why you fit this program. While an admission committee doesn’t know anything about you, the MBA essay is a unique chance to present yourself on the best side. Therefore, experts from EssaySeek will use extreme care with your essay and edit it according to your specifications and due date. We guarantee you:

  • Uniqueness. Your essay will remain consistent with your tone. No factory-made essays.
  • Prompt execution. Scrupulous compliance according to the selected date.
  • Complete privacy. We don’t disclose information to third parties.
  • Easy communication with the editor. We have an online chat for writers.
  • Experienced editors and writers. Our team has already helped hundreds of students.

The MBA essay should characterize the author not as a philologist or writer, but as a future or existing leader, and manager. A quality presentation of ideas on paper and in front of other people is an important process for a manager.

Preparing an essay is an important part of the MBA admission process. We guarantee that essays edited with our help will significantly increase your chances. However, your chances depend on your experience, education, academic performance, test results and your behavior during the interview. None of these factors individually have a decisive role. The candidate is assessed as a whole, and the essays, all other things being equal, can play an important role in your enrollment.

We provide services of editing, proofreading and checking papers and documents. Also if needed we provide writing services for papers written from scratch. Our team consists of professionals from many fields, so if you need an essay on something other than a business topic, we can do it as well. Be sure that we will put effort into creating a good essay for you so that it won’t lose your personality and unique tone.

With our MBA essay editing services, each year we help the many students who apply to business schools in UK, USA and Australia. So don’t lose your chance of getting into the best MBA business schools. Place the order with EssaySeek and relieve your stress!