Money Back Guarantee is a prepaid service, which means that you upload money onto your personal account and use it to pay the writer or editor for each part of your order or for the whole paper upon its completion. But, you don’t have to pay your expert until they complete part or all of your order.

You can request a full refund of all money loaded to your account that has not yet been released to an expert, prior to paying for the last part of an order.

If you cancel an order, all money will be refunded, excluding what you have already paid out using the “Release” button. Payments for “Featured order” service are also non-refundable.

You can claim back money when your current balance is positive. In order to refund all available money, go to the “Balance” tab of your personal order page and press “Request a refund of your balance.” Once your order is completed and approved, and the final payment has been released, no money is eligible for refund.