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Have you realized the real value of your personal statement for your medical residency application? Some residency applicants don’t understand that a personal statement can influence their acceptance to the desired program.

It may be very difficult for a student to produce a good residency personal statement not because of the lack of writing abilities, but because of the effort and time required to write and edit one. Medical students should spend months to prepare for USMLE steps in order to get high scores, while the personal statement recedes into the background. When the acceptance process includes a personal statement, it shouldn’t be underestimated.

Residency personal statements are used by residency directors to find information that cannot be ascertained from a student’s CV and grades: motivation, character, and any interesting details that will convince them that this candidate is the most suited for a place in their program.

With a personal statement, you have the chance to highlight your experience and qualities that may be relevant to the medical program you wish to attend. Also, it gives you a chance to describe your experience and professional pursuit that motivated you to pick the career of a doctor.

The personal statement is one piece of your application package, and usually is not the first document residency directors examine, but it still plays a role when directors cannot decide which candidate to choose for the interview. If your overall package is poor, a good personal statement won’t save you. But if your application package is good, a poorly written personal statement with spelling and grammatical mistakes can disappoint residency directors and make them doubt your candidacy.

Taking into account the limited number of places for residency provided each year, as well as the increase in the number of applicants, graduates of foreign medical schools should seriously try to find the right place. The competitive selection of applicants for residence programs are usually intense and vary from one specialization to another. The acceptance rate for competitive US allopathic medical schools (with a promising career trajectory) is 1-4% and it most likely won't change in the near future. Being aware of this, you should pay attention to every detail in the documents that you plan to send the admission committee.

If you have a strong desire to become a family doctor, anesthesiologist, psychiatrist, pathologist, radiologist or dentist, a personal statement will be an essential part of the application process. No matter whether you are an international student or just someone who has a strong desire to gain specialization, crafting a personal statement may seem for you as unmanageable task. You can’t spoil the first impression of the application committee, so think about using a residency personal statement editing service to enhance your writing! Our team of editors will correct your personal statement and let it shine!

Use Residency Personal Statement Editing Services We Offer

Have you drafted your personal statement but can’t decide if it sounds good? Are you doubting whether a particular paragraph is accurate? Do you think something is missing or redundant? Are you thinking that your personal statement can be improved but you don’t know how to do it?

Editing plays an essential role in the acceptance process. Unfortunately, it is often ignored. This step is one of many that influence whether you will be accepted into residency training or not. Simply leave the order for our professionals and they will revise, edit and improve your writing so that it is perfect.

Here is how you can do this.

  1. Place the order with EssaySeek. Attach the draft of your personal statement, requirements, guidelines and everything that will help the writer understand his or her task. Also mention the due date and the paper type.
  2. Choose the editor. Our service allows you to select the editor that will be performing your order on your own. You can take a look at the editor’s profile and examine education, specialization, number of completed orders, average rating and testimonials from previous customers. Also if you have some questions for the editor, you can ask them in our live chat.
  3. Choose the price. Yes, you can choose the most suitable price and plan your budget accordingly. The essence of our bidding system is that every expert sets their own prices for each paper. So you just pick the writer with the most relevant profile and with a price you can afford.
  4. Wait while the editor corrects your work. The editor will check the content, grammar, spelling, and overall quality of your paper. If either you or the editor have comments or suggestions during writing, you will be able to discuss it via online chat.
  5. Pay for the completed work. As soon as you receive the completed work, you should make sure that it follows your requirements, and then release the payment. We guarantee secure payments, as we use the worldwide payment systems of PayPal and Skrill.

Our skilled editors know how a good residency personal statement should look. They combine unique knowledge and practical experience of specificities that residency directors appreciate the most. The team of editors from EssaySeek have helped hundreds of students and non-students with their personal statements for various programs, as they have unique insight, creativity, and perfect research skills.

We know that every client is unique and every order is treated personally. Our professional editing service can help you progress towards your desired program! If you choose us, you will receive professionally and carefully crafted products of the highest quality available online! Our editing service will save your time, money and energy so you can be free to spend more time on medical practice and get more time to prepare for USMLE rather than spending hours writing and editing a paper through trial and error. It’s much easier to reach success if you can entrust a professional with part of your urgent tasks.

EssaySeek is an editing service you can afford! Our editing rates are not high, and you can choose the writer that proposes the most reasonable price for his or her services. Also, check our testimonials page and see for yourself how many satisfied clients leave comments on our site. In turn, we ask you to leave feedback on our site if you decide to use our services.

We try to do everything to satisfy our clients’ needs. Our editors work very fast, so your order may be completed even before the deadline. If you find that the editing needs a revision, you can easily ask for it. When editing your residency personal statement, our editors will strive to make it a completely sound and outstanding work! We guarantee that your residency personal statement will be unique and embody your personal character. All residency personal statements written by our authors are carefully customized and written from scratch.

Our support is available 24 hours a day, without weekends off. It doesn't matter where you are – whether from the USA, UK or Australia – our services are available day and night! Try our editing services right now and feel the benefits of using!