Ratings and Awards

Writers and editors undergo a serious selection process to become a part of the EssaySeek.com team. We ensure that all writers have impressive skills in regard to their proficiency in English. We also ensure that our writers are experts in at least one academic discipline. We realize that when you’re the one picking a writer or an editor for your particular order, you require more information about our experts, in order to choose the writer who’s best for you.

Our rating system can help you make your choice. Each of our customers rates the writers and editors they’ve worked with, which indicates how satisfied they were with the job. We also offer an Awards system, which automatically records our experts’ achievements. Here are some details on how these two systems can serve you:


A rating is comprised of an average grade given by customers for the writer or editor’s work. After you approve your order and make the last payment, you’ll be asked to rate your experience from 1 to 10 and comment on it in a couple of sentences. All comments are helpful, because what one person might find great about customer-expert communication, another might find bothersome. Also, it’s good to know exactly why a customer left a bad rating, in those rare cases that one is given.


First and foremost, our awards encourage competition among our experts and this motivates them to perform better on their tasks. The awards distinguish between those who are more productive and maintain high quality. Each writer or editor can win the same award more than once.

The Top Experts page is a list of our highest rated writers. It includes the number of completed orders and corresponding awards. The list is always up to date.

Here’s the list of Awards that an expert can get:

Triple Ten: complete 10 orders in 10 days, and receive 10 out of 10 rating.

Nine Plus: complete over 5 orders and hold a 9.0 or higher rating.

Proven Punctuality: complete 15+ orders within 30 days that have been rated 8.0 or higher, and over 80% of their orders are delivered on time.

Proven Reliability: complete 15+ orders with a minimum rating of 8.0, and within a 30 day period. Canceled orders must not constitute more than 3% of the total count.

There are also a few special cases of awards that are granted on an individual basis:

Expert of the Month: this one is given for impressive work, based on customer feedback, delivery rates, returning customers, as well as other criteria.

Newcomer of the Month: given to new experts based off the number of orders they have completed and feedback from the customers. This award lasts for a month.

Customer Loyalty: reserved for those with over 20% of returning customers from the overall amount.