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Would you like your paper to be perfect? If so, you will need to spend many hours to make it perfect, or you can ask someone for professional help. It’s up to you to decide. Our task is just to inform you about the opportunities. So, what should you do to make your paper perfect if you are not going to ask a research paper editor for assistance?

After you’ve finished your paper, you should check it for diverse types of mistakes starting from inaccuracies and ending with orthographical mistakes. We’ve completed a short plan for you so that you understand which steps you need to take to create an impeccable paper.

Step 1: Check the numbers and names. When you are writing a research paper, you probably include results of specific scientific research in your work. The first and the easiest step of revising is to check whether all statistical data and scientists’ names are written correctly.

Step 2: Check whether your information is up-to-date. Your paper will be more valuable in a scholarly sense if you gather only up-to-date information. If you mention the results of specific research on the topic, you should make sure that these results are the latest. However, it is not obligatory. Actually, you can use data that is not the latest. In this case, you shouldn’t mention that you specify the most up-to-date information. Take into consideration that you also shouldn’t include in your work information that is too out-of-date.

Step 3: Check the order of facts which are presented. The experienced research editor sees inconsistences at once, but you are not an editor. Therefore, it can take some time to find out that there are inconsistences in your text. Make sure that information is presented in a logical way. This means that you didn’t ruin the correct order, which goes as follows: background information, arguments, and conclusion.

Step 4: Check the word choice. When you are writing academic papers, you should consider that your writing style must be scholarly. You need to use scholarly language, fill your paper with terms and write complex sentences. A scholarly style sometimes is difficult to perform and perceive but you need to write according to this style while studying. Check whether all the sentences contain appropriate words and expressions. It is difficult for students to switch from their usual writing styles to a scholarly style, while a research paper editor can cope with this task quite easily.

Step 5: Check grammar mistakes. This step is especially difficult for students. How can you correct your mistakes if you even don’t know that you made the mistake? Because of this, it is reasonable to ask a research editor to check your paper. Of course, you are most likely capable of finding typos in your paper. However, you may omit more serious grammatical mistakes.

So, now you understand that writing a paper is only half the work. After writing, you need to spend a lot of time to edit your paper properly. If you hire a research editor, you won’t need to spend so much time on editing. Find out about the editing services on!

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We won’t dare tell that our editors are the absolute best on the market, but we can proudly claim that they are among best. Due to our rigorous recruitment process, we can be confident that our clients are in good hands. How do we check that an editor can provide you with high-quality service?

  • We ask them about education. All of our editors must be holders of higher degrees. That way, we can be sure that they are familiar with academic standards. They should be aware of all academic requirements so that they are capable of helping students of different academic levels.
  • We check their knowledge of English. An editor should possess impeccable literacy. We test our editors on English knowledge to be confident that they really have strong writing and editing skills.
  • We ask them about their experience. Experience is also one of the crucial requirements for a research editor. If a person has vast experience in editing, he or she works faster and more effectively someone who doesn't. Therefore, we try to find editors who have experience in this field.

Our editors have much in common – they are great specialists, all of them have deep experience from different backgrounds, and they all try their best to serve our customers. However, preferences change from person to person, and it will be the same with students who need help with their studies. For this reason, we have established a system that allows you to choose the editor on your own. Find our more detail about this feature in the next section.

Choose a Research Editor on Your Own

We have established a rating list for our writers and editors. When you need to receive service from us, you should specify your requirements – you can also choose the editor on your own. If you already made an order before and would like to cooperate with a specific editor, you can ask us to assign your task to him or her. If it is the first time you are making an order, you should choose an editor among those who offered you their assistance. How to make the best choice? Follow our recommendations:

  • Consider the price. Before you even start looking through editors’ profiles you should decide which price you are able to pay for the order. Different editors will offer you different prices and you can choose an editor with the price you like the most. That is how our bidding system works. However, don’t be hasty to select an editor only according to the price. There are also other characteristics which you should take into account.
  • Pay attention to the rating position. The rating position depends on customers’ scores. Each research editor and writer is evaluated by customers who received help from the specialist. Editors with the highest scores are at the top of the list. Why do we need a rating system? First of all, a competitive atmosphere encourages editors and writers to work harder. Secondly, clients have the ability to have a better idea of the person they are going to work with.
  • Look through the personal profile. Each editor has a profile in which you can find the following information: awards, amount of orders completed in disciplines, amount of orders canceled by the customer and by the editor, and the amount of orders in progress. This information will help you to understand the level of proficiency and experience any particular editor has.
  • Explore feedback. In each profile, you can also find the feedback from customers about the specific research paper editor. Other clients’ opinions about editors will be helpful for you when you choose an editor.
  • Communicate with an editor directly. We offer you the ability to communicate with our editors via live chat. Due to this option, you won’t need to explain your requirements to anyone else except the person you are going to cooperate with. This feature is very handy because you always know when your editor is online and whether he or she read your message.

Don’t hesitate to make an order and find a perfect research paper editor for you at We are working with students from diverse countries, including Australia, USA, UK and other countries which are from different parts of the world. For this reason, we are available 24/7! Make the order right away!