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What would you usually do after writing a paper? “I will look it through and submit it,” most students would answer. Unfortunately, to look through a paper is not enough. You actually need to revise a paper. Revision is quite a complicated process that requires a lot of time and energy.

Some teachers even insist that revising academic works takes a similar amount of time as writing the paper itself. However, it depends on the person. If it is not a challenge for you to stay focused for several hours, you will cope with revising the paper in one sitting. In case you get distracted from revising all the time, you will need more time to cope with it. In any case, you will succeed if you manage your time properly.

How to Revise a Research Paper Quickly

As we already mentioned, you should possess strong time-management skills to cope with your paper. The good news for students who don’t think they have such skills is that they can ask someone for help or work on improving their time-management skills. Planning is the cornerstone of effective work. Before you start to revise the paper which you’ve just completed, you need to think about the different stages of the process.

As a rule, research papers are longer than essays. For this reason, you will have to spend more time revising them. First of all, we are going to answer the question which bothers many students: “What does it mean to revise a paper?” The aim of this process is to make your paper better by correcting mistakes of all kinds. The revision process is usually divided into several steps. Some of them we would like to present below.

  • Check for semantic mistakes. This step includes all mistakes which concern the semantic aspect of your paper, such as inconsistencies, inaccuracies and inappropriate word choice. Also, you need to reduce the quantity of optional information that is not obligatory for your paper.
  • Check the structure. This point is especially important when your paper is long and complicated. You need to organize your text so that the reader can perceive the information easily. Headings, subheadings, and lists will help you to make your text more ‘reader-friendly.’ Remember that your work should be balanced. This means that if you present a thesis and give three arguments to support it, each argument should be described approximately in an equal amount of words.
  • Check the transitions. By saying transitions, we mean transition words and sentences. You can find many lists of transition words on the Web. What about sentences? You should write them on your own at the end of each section or paragraph. Such sentences should prepare the reader for further pieces of information.
  • Check the logic of cause-and-effect relationships. When you are checking your text, make sure that information flows in a logical order. Consider that you need to present the hypothesis first, then the evidence, and finally make the conclusion at the end.
  • Check for grammatical mistakes. How to revise a paper without checking for grammatical mistakes? It’s impossible! This step is obligatory, but it isn't the only one. All of the steps above you should also take into account. This point is the most understandable for students. When they hear the word “revision,” most of them think about checking for grammatical mistakes.
  • Check for typos. This step is similar to the previous one but for one factor. You usually make grammatical mistakes because you are not aware of some rules or that you simply have forgotten some of them. You usually make typos because of inattentiveness or because you are in a rush. Check your paper for typos lastly. You should do it after a little break to regain your ability to see typos.

A note: When you are working on a short paper, some stages can be integrated with each other. For example, you can firstly check all semantic, structural and logical mistakes, and afterward work on grammar.

The Simple Way to Revise a Paper Online

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Best Features

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