Revision of an Essay Without Stress: Debunking Popular Myths

revision of an essay

“Oh my God, I’m so excited to start revising my 15-page research paper and two essays on political science!” said no one ever. It’s often assumed that students who enjoy writing prefer to spend their Friday evenings revising an essay or two, because, you know, writing. Well, that harmful belief restrains students who are skilled at writing from finding the perfect revising techniques or acknowledging they actually hate the activity. For those students who are not so good at writing, it creates a sense of alienation and a magical aura that surrounds writing and editing.

Popular Myths About Editing

If you have ever been in college, we are sure you have heard one of these harmful myths that form twisted perceptions of the revision of an essay. We believe that identifying such myths will help you to trace down their roots and change core beliefs, which ultimately will lead to editing easily and without stress. Using popular life hacks can be a good idea, but more often it’s the quick remedy that shows zero effectiveness in the long haul.

1) Myth: If you are an A-level student, you love revising!

It’s okay not to enjoy revising.

If you are a straight-A student, you probably hold a harmful belief shoved into your head by the media and surrounding people that you should genuinely enjoy all school activities. Because you work hard and get high grades, you know. The truth is a little bit more surprising – the fact that you have enough power of will to make yourself do things you don’t want to doesn’t mean you start loving certain activities like editing or solving calculus problems. You just use the power of will, and not “moon prism” power. However, remember that your willpower is a source that can end, so don’t overuse it. If thinking about revising your essay makes you nauseous, it’s high time to outsource it to the professionals.

2) Myth: If you are good at academic writing, revising and editing must come easy to you.

Being a good writer doesn’t automatically equal being a good editor.

Assuming that you have crazy revising and editing skills simply because of the As on every written paper you get back from your professor is like assuming you are a good singer just because you play piano. The two skills are for sure related and can facilitate each other, but they don’t come in pairs like socks on Christmas sales. Remember not to blame yourself if revising an essay doesn’t come as easy as writing one – it isn’t supposed to. If you are not satisfied with the progress you’ve been making in the realm of academic paper editing, giving yourself a break and asking for professional help might be a good idea.

3) Myth: Revision of an essay begins with cutting off half of the paper.

Though editing might involve some cutting in the text, it doesn’t matter whether you have to rewrite half of the paper or the whole thing.

While striving to get a better grade, students can become overly critical towards their work. This forms a belief that revision of an essay involves cutting nearly 80% of the whole text and writing something completely new. In other words, doing twice the work. It’s not a surprise such thoughts form strong disdain towards the need to even reread the paper after it’s finished. First of all, remember that editing requires that you just check your paper for major fails. Don’t try to make it perfect, because no one is able to create perfect things. However, some improvement in your text can surely do you a favor. And if you are not in the mood for that, order an online essay revision and finally have some well-deserved rest.

Can I Get Help With Editing?

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