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If your written work is ready, do not hurry to submit it. The final step on the way to the submission of your work is to provide a revision for your paper. A revision is a kind of assessment or analysis of the work. The revision should be done by a writing reviser – a person who has experience in the field of study conducted by students.

The best option is a revision done by a qualified writing reviser. The reviser must have a higher education degree corresponding to the topic of the paper; customers often require that the reviser has a scientific degree. A reviser can be found by the student personally. A student may ask to do a revision from any person who is known to him or her and suitable for the requirements of the university – students often ask their teachers about this.

The writing reviser's duty is not only to do a revision, but also to correct mistakes in some cases. If the reviser is found, he or she often instructs the student himself or herself to do a revision of the work, leaving it only for approving. This option is quite common, and is the easiest, but least effective, and should not be used.

The reviser should get acquainted with the work, clarify all the ambiguities and get an answer to the questions that arise, and only after careful examination should the reviser express a reasonable point of view about the paper. To familiarize the work of the student, the writing reviser should be given only a couple of days and it should be quite enough for a good reviser.

Some revisers take work for a few days to get acquainted with it, but most can do it in several hours. The revision of the written work is done in an arbitrary form, but it must contain some obligatory elements:

  • In the revision, it is mandatory to note the relevance of the topic and content of the work of the main goal, which is the verification of the accumulated knowledge of the student. The reviser can note that the student conducted a detailed study of a certain object, analyzed a large amount of theoretical material and was able to properly apply the knowledge gained, as well as the necessary models and techniques in his study, while the presentation of the material was carried out concisely and with the observance of internal logic. In addition, the revision should highlight the relevance of the research, its scientific validity and technical literacy. The reviser may note what problem is considered in the work, the relevance of which is scientifically grounded by the student, and that the main terms and methods of analysis are considered and the stages of the research are determined. The reviser in his revision should also note the completeness of the solution of the task set and the achievement of the goal.
  • The reviser should note the freshness of the data used, the novelty of the information received, as well as the possibility of using the results of the study to carry out practical changes in a certain area. The reviser can say that the data used is reliable, and the student's conclusions are scientifically grounded. In addition, the presented paper is of scientific value, and the results of the research can be used in other papers in the future.
  • While revising, the reviser should note if there are any mistakes that should be corrected.
  • In addition to the mistakes, it is necessary to present comments on the paper and give the evaluation of the paper.
  • The reviser should give his or her own assessment of the work and indicate its compliance with the qualifications for the relevant specialty and note whether the student deserves a high grade for it.
  • The reviser can recommend a student to replace some data or add new material.
  • The last mandatory point of focus is references – did the student use them properly in his or her paper?

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