About Us

At EssaySeek.com, we believe that a customer’s control over the order and direct communication with the writer or editor is the best way to provide custom academic services. We regularly upgrade our services to ensure they are high quality and provide maximum satisfaction to our client. We enjoy amazing working experiences, using customer feedback for mutual benefits while utilizing this great approach in helping students.

Our service provides you with a platform where you can find a writer or editor based on your own judgment based on the expert’s achievements, skills and customer feedback. You can chat with the experts who apply for your order as well as maintain direct communication with the one you eventually choose. This all plays to your advantage since you control everything that happens to your order, from assigning a writer to making payments. We know from experience that a mediator in customer-expert interactions can cause misunderstandings, and so with our service, we try to avoid it.

EssaySeek.com allows you to:

  • Pick your writer or editor and monitor his progress. You can make suggestions along the way and guide the completion of you order to the direction you want.
  • Pay later when you have a part or the whole paper written. Each expert interested in the order will make you an offer. You can add the price to your criteria when choosing a writer or editor.
  • Share feedback about your experience with the other customers. Add other customer profiles to support your own feedback.

We want you to feel secure about buying services from our website; therefore, you have the option to pay later, after approving a part of your order. This also gives our writers and editors’ work a competitive edge and motivation to impress you with their skills. We are big advocates of constant interactions between customer and expert. You know best what you need, so if you make these expectations clear for the expert, he will be able to deliver. However, he might also need some insight along the way. For more information on the order process, check out How It Works page.

A service fee is added to the order price automatically so you know exactly how much money you need save to get your paper edited or written, or rewritten. If you can’t find a preference by the skillsets offered to you, the most convenient price could be a deciding factor in choosing an expert to help you.

We also have a Ratings & Awards system for our experts, where customers grade the work they received and leave feedback to help their fellow customers in making the right choice. It is tied to the awards, where experts are encouraged for their best achievements and motivated to perform even better, not to mention that this gives them better opportunities for getting deals with customers. You can read more information about this system on the Ratings & Awards page.

We offer a convenient way of dealing with your homework problems, be it a draft that doesn’t want to come together as a finished piece or a paper with very complex instructions waiting to be written from scratch. Try out this platform and let us know if EssaySeek.com lives up to its reputation as one of the best academic help services available.