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We are a writing service that has been providing students with essay assistance for a few years. We have a competitive advantage over traditional academic companies, and our descriptive essay writers are native English speakers and have either Master’s or Ph.D. degrees.

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We know how to pay attention to details of descriptive essays and communicate with our clients.
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We provide writers with only one goal – to produce high-quality essays that meet the requirements and expectations of our clients.
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Easy ordering process, a professional essay writer team, affordable prices, and 24/7 customer support service.
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All You Need to Know About a Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay is a type of writing that provides the reader with a detailed description of people, places, events, etc. It describes certain unique events and people, and it explains certain situations. The most important thing to figure out before you write your descriptive essay is how to start it. There are two types of descriptive articles – analytical and informative.

The main difference between them is the way they are written – analytical essays are written logically by concluding different pieces of information, while informative articles describe something. Unlike analytical essays, they don’t infer anything or draw conclusions from the gathered information. You can also use our service to write your descriptive essay online.

Analytical descriptive essay

The analytical descriptive essay is written to analyze a particular subject, character, or object based on your perspective, opinions, and impressions. The analytical descriptive essay explains the characteristics of an object, issue, literature, or real life and its meaning. The analysis presented in this essay must be based on facts and your personal experience and knowledge.

In every descriptive essay, there is always a place for effective use of words. A word is not just a word; it is a tool to make your reader feel something. So don’t be afraid to explore and experiment with words. Remember that there is no right or wrong way to create an essay; write it so that it feels right to you, and your readers will be able to handle it too.

Informative descriptive essay

The informative descriptive essay is one of the most popular assignments among students of different educational institutions. This type of work requires you to provide a detailed description of a person, event, place, or object. To master this assignment, you have to pay attention to all the subject matter details since the descriptive essay writer is expected to analyze the details of the personality and share observations with other readers.

Descriptive Essay Critical Differences

A description essay writing service is an excellent way to know how to share your thoughts and dreams. The descriptive essay allows you to develop your creative skills and show your response, reaction, and imagination to a theme or phenomenon. As you compose a descriptive essay, you must follow a specific set of rules and patterns (development patterns, topic sentences, thesis statement, etc.). EssaySeek is designed to help students cope with writing a descriptive essay.

Descriptive Essay Structure

Descriptive essay structure stretches between two points of a subject – what is and what could be. A descriptive essay aims to enhance the imagination of the reader by providing detailed information about a person, place, or thing. Here, you’ll find specific recommendations on the structure of your descriptive essay based on the type of paper you’ll be working on.


Your paper should start with an exciting and attention-grabbing introduction at least three paragraphs long. You should also include the thesis statement within this paragraph. Describe the topic of your paper creatively. Remember to mention your angle or approach to the issue.


The body of your paper should be organized into three to five paragraphs that answer the question(s) posed in your thesis statement. The first three paragraphs should develop one of the three to five main ideas you intend to include in your paper.

Review questions, reflection, and conclusion

Make sure you use at least three academic sources, where authors write with expertise in the subject matter. Also, a conclusion that summarizes your paper and an appropriate “call to action” for readers is recommended.

Descriptive Essay Outline

An essay outline is the skeleton or structure of your paper. By outlining your essay, you make clear its central idea and the main points you intend to develop to make your audience understand what you are trying to say. The outline for descriptive essay writing should be made once you have written the introduction and conclusion paragraphs. The outline must be highly organized, as it will most certainly influence how the rest of the paper is written.

The Benefits of Ordering From Our Custom Descriptive Essay Writing Service

EssaySeek is one of the most professional descriptive essay writing services that provide students with distinct solutions for fast custom writing. Suppose you have a task to describe a vivid event, tell about yourself in detail, or reveal why you deserve a scholarship. Your task is not easy, but EssaySeek has a mission to make your admission process smooth and straightforward. If you still have trouble deciding on the topic of your essay or need additional time to write it, contact us instead of spending hours searching the Internet.

Best descriptive essay writers

We provide writers with only one goal – to produce high-quality papers that meet the requirements and expectations of our clients. That’s why we have carefully screened every member of our team and examined their personal qualities and skills to guarantee that they can meet high work standards and produce professional papers.

Plagiarism free essays

People nowadays can make legal claims against you if your essay is not free of error or plagiarism. Therefore, you need to ensure that your writing is 100% original and error-free. Another way of guaranteeing originality in your essay is by hiring a professional writer for descriptive essay who has extensive knowledge regarding different fields of study from our descriptive essay writing service.

Straightforward process

When looking for a descriptive essay writer service, you deserve something that will get you the grades you deserve. We ensure that your paper is original and that our writers are well-trained in academic writing. Your paper will meet all academic requirements. We offer a descriptive essay service that you can depend on to help you achieve the high grades you need.

Creating an order on EssaySeek is simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Select a writer
  2. Select the subject
  3. Provide details
  4. Pay and download your paper

The entire system is designed to make it easy for you to feel confident in your decision to use our descriptive essay writing service. We want you to understand how the process works before you begin, and we want you to be able to rely on us moving forward for all of your writing needs.

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