Motivation at Work Essay

motivation at work essay

In the motivation at work essay sample that you can read above, one of our writers has discussed the issue about why sales companies need to recruit people that are “hungry” for money. With money motivation, the employee understands that the productivity of labor will depend on the amount that will be received for the work done. Nowadays recruiters tend to pay a lot of attention to non-financial motivation for the list of reasons and are looking for people that don’t pay much attention to salary. But those who tend to earn more and have a strict desire for earning money usually are more effective workers.

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«Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man»: Summary Analysis

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man: Summary Analysis

Have you already read “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man?” Summary analysis that you can read above is a piece of writing that was created by one of our writers from EssaySeek. “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man” is the first novel by Irish writer James Joyce and can be considered as a kind of prequel to “Ulysses,” or a completely independent work dedicated to the theme of artists: creators, destroyers, buffoons, and martyrs. In this essay you can read the author’s reflections about what role women have played in Stephen’s world.

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«Sophie’s World» Essay

Sophie's World Essay

If you have to write a “Sophie’s World” essay, first you need to read the original book or its shortened version (but we still recommend to read the whole book). Second, read the following sample to have a greater understanding of how this essay should look and find some useful ideas for writing.

This book tells the story of a Norwegian girl Sophia Amunnsen, fourteen years old, who regularly receives letters from philosopher Alberto Knox, who thus leads Sofia through the pages of the history of philosophy. Perhaps, originally the novel was intended for children and Norwegian students, for whom philosophy is a compulsory subject at educational institutions. Continue reading

Goethe «Faust» Analysis

 Faust Analysis

Before you start working on your “Faust” analysis essay, consider the fact that Goethe has worked on “Faust” almost all his life and this masterpiece is quite personal. It is unknown whether this tragedy would exist if the author had not experienced numerous love affairs. Therefore, the story of Margaret in the tragedy “Faust” is a confession of his youth. Throughout his life Goethe believed that “love and desire are the spirit’s wings to great deeds.”

A “Faust” analysis may seem hard and unmanageable, as not every student can read it to an end and understand it properly. For this reason we asked one of our writers to create a sample paper, which you can read above. We hope that these texts will give you food for reflection and new ideas for your own writing. Continue reading

Terrorism Essay Example

Terrorism Essay

Terrorism essays are very popular among students, as this topic remains urgent, and there’s no way around it. Terrorism, in its scale, is a destructive force that has turned into a problem for all mankind. This evil has enslaved the world and keeps millions of people in a state of fear and horror.

We have asked our EssaySeek writer to create a paper that will cover the issue about terrorism as the most cliched topic in history. This sample paper was created by a professional writer as a source of inspiration and additional information for students. If you are pleased with this text, please, don’t copy it to your own writing under any circumstances. We should warn you that any copied text without proper citation may be considered plagiarism in your college or university. Continue reading

Cold War Essay


Cold War Essay

What Were The Things Soviets Were Told About The World Outside The Iron Curtain?

In Soviet Union active propaganda machine conducted the society. Soviet government was trying to plant certain ideas in society’s mind. One of the main subject of soviet propaganda was spreading mostly false information about outside world and especially about United States as America was believed to be main enemy of Soviet Union.

First of all, Soviet government was trying to convince their society that socialism was much more successful than Capitalism. United States was a symbol of capitalism. Therefore, Soviet people were told that capitalistic America was a source of all evil, Hollywood movies were just a humble trial to cover all the problems in the U.S.A and show perfect world which is not existing in reality. Continue reading

Gender Stereotypes Essay: Male Nurses

Gender Stereotypes Essay

It may sound strange, but still our society suffers from gender stereotypes. Above you can read a gender stereotype essay written by an EssaySeek author, and which discusses gender issues of male nurses. For many years the profession of nurse was considered purely a job for women. But the health care system has changed a lot during the last few decades, and men now have an opportunity to work as nurses. We are sure that with our sample you will have a better understanding about the topic and how the essay should be structured and formatted.

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Teenager Essay Example

Teenager Essay Example

Why Do Teenagers Hate Poetry?

Talk to teenagers about poetry and the most likely answer you will receive is that they don’t understand it, don’t like it and some might even say that they hate it. This fact is borne out by the results of the Survey of Public Participation in the Arts conducted in 2012, which points to the steady decline in poetry readership levels among Americans (National Endowment for the Arts). So, what is it about poetry that teenagers evince such little interest about it?

One of the most obvious reasons why teenagers hate poetry is that they find poetry intimidating. They get frustrated by the thought of analyzing and reading into the hidden meanings of a particular poem. Our educational system, which specifies the teaching of classic poems at school level, is partly to blame for this. Classic poems generally have multiple layers of meanings, which can be difficult for a kid to grasp who has just been introduced to poetry. Continue reading

Essay on Politics

Essay on Politics

Which Country Has Changed The Most Within The Past 20 Years?

The last twenty years have been signified by large worldwide changes on the political, financial and cultural/ technological level. This means that every country has more or less faced significant changes. However, looking at the history of the last 20 years, Serbia is the country that most probably has changed the most in its way to the 21st century.

First of all, the country’s territorial status changed twice after the independence of Montenegro in 2006 and Kosovo in 2008. Secondly, it had to go through a severe NATO bombardment in 1999, which caused the destruction of much of its infrastructure and the death of lots of civilians. At the same time the country found itself into a deep political crisis following the fall of its president Slobodan Milosevic who has ruled the country since 1989 and which meant a radical change to its whole political life. Serbia had to adapt quickly and adequately to its transformation from a socialist to a liberal state and at the same time heal the wounds of its devastating Bosnian war (1992-1995). Continue reading

Psychology Research Paper: Inner Voice

Psychology Research Paper

Have you already written a psychology research paper this semester? If not and this is your first paper, it will be better to see with your own eyes how a finished paper should look. The writing process will be much easier and less stressful to write your own paper if you have several professionally written examples at hand.

This psychology research paper was written by one of our writers and can serve as a good example of an academic paper that you can use for your own writing. This doesn’t mean that you can thoughtlessly copy this text and submit it at college as your own. We should warn you that this may be considered plagiarism. To make a unique text, you can include some phrases from our sample with proper citation or use information from it for your own writing. Continue reading