Relationship Essay


What does it feel like to live in the shadow of an overachieving parent or sibling?

Living in the shadow of your overachieving parent – mom, dad, or brother – is one thing, and another thing to be a wife or husband of always busy, well-known partner. Unfortunately, in order to achieve good results in his or her career personal life often needed to be sacrificed. In this case you must have patience and strength to find a compromise on how to conduct routine, how to spend time together.
A lot of women in history laid their lives for the sake of another. For example, the wife of Leo Tolstoy – Sofia had been was raising his children for whole life, tried to tie him to the house, while he was writing his books, spending time with guest and breaking boundaries of society. Continue reading

Useful Tips on How to Revise Your Essay

Useful Tips on How to Revise Your Essay

After completing an extended paper, you may feel worn out. Writing academic essays take a lot of time and energy. Therefore, when your work is completed, you are really happy. We are happy for you too, but we should also warn you. Your work is considered finished only after you revise it properly. “How to revise properly?” you may wonder. In this article, we’ll try to explain to you how to conduct a sufficient revision and we’ll provide you with useful tips and examples. Be quick to get acquainted with our essay revision checklist! Continue reading

How to Proofread Your Own Work in 3 Simple Steps

how to proofread your own writing

People that don’t make mistakes should scare you, because they are not humans — believe us! So, if someone says that he or she can complete a text without any single mistake, please check whether his or her heart beats. Even those people who possess impeccable literacy will submit a text with mistakes if they don’t proofread it. As you probably understand, in this article, we are going to provide you with useful information on how to proofread your own work and why. Continue reading

How to Find Awesome Research Topics in Psychology

What do you picture when you think of writing a paper in psychology? Probably you imagine being bored to death and repeating information about a concept that has been already described a gazillion times. But hey, if you put a little effort in finding interesting psychology paper topics, you can turn the whole process into rewarding and exciting research to help you benefit in your studies and enhance your understanding of psychology.  Continue reading

What Is Revision in Writing: Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


We understand you probably know that revising is important. But more importantly, what is revision in writing and what do you need to know to make your paper perfect or nearly perfect? Let’s have a closer look at the three main aspects of an academic paper, as well as the most common mistakes that students make and how to avoid them. Continue reading

Nutrition Essay


What are the effects of health or nutrition education on children?
Health and nutrition intelligence is one of the key subjects that can affect the formation of the lifestyle of a future adult in their scholar years. However, these issues are often neglected by standard educational school schedules even in the most developed countries of the world. This can lead to poor self-care, absence of basic food culture and health habits. Globally, this could mean a lower level of national health. However, it could be fixed by taking simple measures. Continue reading