Blood Donation Essay


If Donating Blood Gives You Benefits, Why Are So Few People Doing It?

According to the World Health Organization, blood transfusion is an essential component of health care services and blood donors “provide a unique contribution to the health and survival of others (Towards 100% Voluntary Blood Donation).”

Aside from giving a lifeline to another human, the person who gives blood reaps benefits for himself.  First is the instant fulfillment one feels after giving something vital to another person’s health. Studies have also shown that people who give blood have a lower risk of strokes and heart attacks.  Donating blood may decrease the iron load in your diet preventing the formation of free radicals that lead to cardiovascular disease.  In the process, you also get a free mini-physical exam that includes blood tests for HIV and Hepatitis. Continue reading

Essay About Smoking


Should The Tobacco Industry Be Obliged To Donate To Lung Cancer Research?

If and only if Tobacco companies won’t be allowed a single inch of room to influence the system and pay the researchers to say “you can keep smoking cigarettes because tobacco is not the reason why you are more prone to develop heart disease or lung cancer”. Now why I fear they will cast their shadow on the lung cancer research and tweak the conclusion in their favour? Because it’s the history of Tobacco industry to tread on the public’s belief in science. Now this was a time before the scepticism of today about science, particularly before the invention of atomic bomb. People used to religiously believe in science and Tobacco industry understood this authority. Therefore, they used Pseudoscience. Continue reading

«The Republic» Analysis


What is the allegory of the cave meant to illustrate?

Plato’s work, The Republic, he shared an allegory of the cave and its relevance to the contemporary ways of living on this world. In this particular allegory, he asserted that the people depicted here are likely the people living on this world right now. The allegory of the caves illustrates the process of acquiring wisdom from basic knowledge and can be simplified and divided into 5 parts – the cave, the shadows, the game, the escape, and the return. Continue reading

«Common Sense» Analysis


Thomas Paine was an English-born revolutionary and political activist who immigrated to the American Colonies in 1774. His book, Common Sense, was a major player in the creation of the American Revolution. His ideas on government contrasted drastically with the established monarchies of England and many are still in use today. Continue reading

Depression Essay


How to Deal with the Winter Blues

The brilliant rays of the unrelenting sun, the greenness, and the warmth are definitely more relaxing than the grey skies and the gold, rust colored leaves. For some people, seasonal change brings serious feelings of depression known as “Seasonal Affective Disorder”, or “Winter Blues”. As hard as it might seem, this form of depression can be managed by performing activities and going out more, which reduces stress, boosts the mood, and introduces new experiences. Continue reading

ISIS Essay


Did the U.S. really create ISIS? How? 

Every time, every period and every century had some specific and horrifying phenomenon that stood as a reminder for whole humanity and served as a society marker. For this century, unfortunately, that phenomenon is terrorism. We are witnessing the growth and expansion of terrorism in the entire world. Maybe is paradoxical situation that in the XXI century we have the expansion of misinterpretation of religion as an excuse for horrific crimes. Of course, every reason and occasion have its consequence and we must be able to be objective about Terrorism and the expansion of religion fanaticism. Continue reading

Editing and Proofreading Services: How to Choose the Best

If you are looking for editing and proofreading services, you have probably completed a paper recently and need it to be edited. In this article, we are going to provide you with recommendations on how to choose the best service for you. We would like to present the criteria for reliable and fraudulent services. With this information, it will be easier for you to make your choice. Continue reading

Afghanistan Essay


Known As The “Graveyard Of Empires,” What Makes Afghanistan The Toughest Region To Conquer?

For centuries numerous empires have tried, unsuccessfully, to conquer the region now known as Afghanistan. Two of the most glaring examples of failure to capture the area are the Soviet invasion beginning in 1978 and the first and second British invasions of Afghanistan beginning in 1839 and 1878, respectively. There are many aspects of the region that have made it difficult for foreigners to conquer including the rough terrain and the financial burden of occupying the area. Continue reading

Complete a Gorgeous Paper With Our Revision Tips

Complete a Gorgeous Paper With Our Revision Tips

Write an essay, reread it two times, correct spelling mistakes and the essay is ready! This advice is suitable for those who are studying in the first grade. For those who are students of high school and college, we have prepared other tips for revision which are more difficult and time-consuming.

We have compiled five revision tips that will help you to revise properly. Some tips are illustrated with examples so that you can understand better what we mean with certain recommendations. Make sure that you have at least an hour to revise — otherwise, your paper won’t be revised properly. So, get acquainted with our pieces of advice below! Continue reading

School Uniform Essay


Is It Important To Have School Uniforms?

The importance of school uniforms is considerably exaggerated. Presented below arguments demonstrate that, despite of widely spread beliefs, school uniform is often not an assured solution.

First of all, there is a lack of research findings indicating that the uniforms have a positive effect on behavioral and academic outcomes. (Lumsden, 2011) Contrarily, the scientific evidence from different years and settings states that uniforms do not reduce behavioral problems or improve attendance. Likewise, it is not found that students who wear uniforms have improved academic achievements. (Brunsma and Rockquemore, 1998; Gentile and Imberman, 2009) Continue reading