Editing and Proofreading Services: How to Choose the Best

If you are looking for editing and proofreading services, you have probably completed a paper recently and need it to be edited. In this article, we are going to provide you with recommendations on how to choose the best service for you. We would like to present the criteria for reliable and fraudulent services. With this information, it will be easier for you to make your choice. Continue reading

Afghanistan Essay


Known As The “Graveyard Of Empires,” What Makes Afghanistan The Toughest Region To Conquer?

For centuries numerous empires have tried, unsuccessfully, to conquer the region now known as Afghanistan. Two of the most glaring examples of failure to capture the area are the Soviet invasion beginning in 1978 and the first and second British invasions of Afghanistan beginning in 1839 and 1878, respectively. There are many aspects of the region that have made it difficult for foreigners to conquer including the rough terrain and the financial burden of occupying the area. Continue reading

Complete a Gorgeous Paper With Our Revision Tips

Complete a Gorgeous Paper With Our Revision Tips

Write an essay, reread it two times, correct spelling mistakes and the essay is ready! This advice is suitable for those who are studying in the first grade. For those who are students of high school and college, we have prepared other tips for revision which are more difficult and time-consuming.

We have compiled five revision tips that will help you to revise properly. Some tips are illustrated with examples so that you can understand better what we mean with certain recommendations. Make sure that you have at least an hour to revise — otherwise, your paper won’t be revised properly. So, get acquainted with our pieces of advice below! Continue reading

School Uniform Essay


Is It Important To Have School Uniforms?

The importance of school uniforms is considerably exaggerated. Presented below arguments demonstrate that, despite of widely spread beliefs, school uniform is often not an assured solution.

First of all, there is a lack of research findings indicating that the uniforms have a positive effect on behavioral and academic outcomes. (Lumsden, 2011) Contrarily, the scientific evidence from different years and settings states that uniforms do not reduce behavioral problems or improve attendance. Likewise, it is not found that students who wear uniforms have improved academic achievements. (Brunsma and Rockquemore, 1998; Gentile and Imberman, 2009) Continue reading

5 Tips on How to Revise Your Writing in One Hour

5 Tips on How to Revise Your Writing in One Hour

We are living in a world where readers have transformed into scanners. Do you agree with us? Most of us don’t examine the majority of texts thoroughly. We just look them through briefly. Actually, we can’t be sure that you will read even this paragraph. Many people skip the first paragraph and move to bullet points which are underlined or written in bold or in italics. However, this article is not about our disappointment with the worldwide tendency to “scan” texts. It’s about how to revise your writing. So, let’s move straight to our topic. Continue reading

Poverty Essay


How Does Poverty Affect Developing Countries?

Every day should start with a devastating thought of a never-ending list counting developing countries’ poverty rate. World globalization and recession are one of the many factors that have led enormous number of population to such a condition. The way hand-to-mouth existence impinges developing countries is best exemplified by the observance of everyday life in India and China, and although the world mostly has a full plate, somehow, there are too many plates left empty.

Continue reading

The Purpose of Revision and Steps to Do It

The Purpose of Revision and Steps to Do It

“What is the purpose of revising?” This question is often asked by students. We can tell you many reasons why you should revise your paper; however, all of them can be simmered down to one main reason. This reason is to make your work perfect. Many famous writers assert that they spend more time on revising than on writing the first draft. Why is it so? Let us unleash this secret by making an overview of the five stages of writing. Continue reading

Revising and Editing: 4 Main Differences

Revising and Editing: 4 Main Differences

Revising and editing— these two notions are often confused because the purpose of these processes is the same: it’s improving the quality of your text. In this article, we are going to answer the question that bothers many students: “How is revision different from editing?” Also, we would like to provide you with examples for better understanding. So, be quick to find out characteristics that distinguish the process of revising from the process of editing, and improve your text effectively with our advice. Continue reading

Discrimination Essay


Are Doctors Biased Against Fat Patients?

Most, if not all physicians have sworn a sacred oath upon graduating from their medical school. There are various versions of this oath but the gist of these different versions is to treat all patients to the best of the physician’s ability regardless of the patient’s race, social status, religion, gender preference, or political affiliation (Loewy 7). But what will happen to this oath if some doctors are indifferent toward patients who are obese? Recent statistics show that one out of ten men and one out of seven women are obese (Aljazeera.com). Issues have surfaced that doctors from around the world provide the most upsetting health care to fat patients, judging them by their body mass index (BMI) instead of giving them the same treatment they give to patients that are non-obese. Continue reading

The Best Way to Revise Grammar in Your Paper

The Best Way to Revise Grammar in Your Paper

How to revise best? This question is very common among students that care about their GPA. All students would like to get high scores. Unfortunately, many of them receive lower scores than they deserve because they just haven’t revised their papers. After such a negative experience, students pay more attention to editing their essays and our aim is to help such students to cope with this task quickly and easily. Continue reading