Flowers for Algernon Analysis: Nine Month Symbolism

flowers for algernon analysisOnce upon a time lived a man. He was naive, innocent, and kind. This man wanted to become clever. Charlie was happy, not noticing how everyone was laughing at him. He was sure that everyone loved him, because he loved everyone. As a result of brain surgery he became smarter and realized that the people he considered friends were not friends. His first new feeling that he didn’t experience before was shame. Then he felt sadness, resentment, and love. Life became more complicated and uncomfortable. As a result he felt loneliness, like Robinson Crusoe. Charles’ new intellect created a wall between him and all those whom he loved. As any book, this story has many moments that can be discussed. The following Flowers for Algernon analysis tells why the story takes place over nine months. Continue reading

Child Psychology Sample: Friendship and Popularity

child psychology sampleIf you were assigned to write an essay for your psychology classes, read this child psychology sample before you start writing! Our expert writer has written an essay sample that discusses why it is so difficult to separate the effects of friendship and popularity on child development. Researchers authoritatively assert that children’s friendship “is fastened” with a feeling of mutual sympathy. In childhood, the most terrible curse was: “I’m no longer friends with you!” This was tantamount to expulsion from society. In childhood, friends are our society and the model of adult life. Throughout the years, the basis for friendship changes and has more options. For example, for teenagers, becoming friends with someone popular increases the popularity of the first person. Continue reading

Management Essay Example: Flat Rate

management essay

There are many topics that can be chosen for a management essay. Nowadays there are many ways to remunerate employees. The simplest form of remuneration is a flat rate. However, such approach often does not stimulate employees to more productivity, and for some professions is not rational. Hourly payment becomes more and more popular. But is it profitable? The answer you will find in the essay below. Our writer has described why managers prefer to pay a flat rate even in cases when hourly rates will be more profitable. Continue reading

Waiting for Godot Analysis: The Idea of Meaningless of Time

Beckett’s plays have changed our world forever. You can read and interpret his dramatic works in different ways: someone will find autobiographical motifs, someone will find religious symbols, etc. Reading the works of this author can not have a middle – either you accept it or not. Hopefully, you haven’t fallen into depression after reading this play and you have enough strength to write an essay. If you are experiencing temporary difficulties with reading the play or writing its analysis, you are welcome to read our Waiting for Godot analysis sample written by a professional writer about the idea of the meaninglessness of time in the Waiting for Godot play. Continue reading

World History Essay: Arabs and Byzantium

world history essay

Byzantium played an important role in the development of Europe’s cultural traditions. Byzantium was considered one of the most culturally developed countries until the end of the 12th century. During the 7th to the 12th centuries Muslim Arabs and Byzantium had a series of wars for dominance in the Eastern Mediterranean. The first part of the conflict took place at the beginning of the 7th century and ended with the Arab siege of Constantinople, where the Arabs were defeated. This prevented the Arab’s conquest of Asia Minor. More information you can read in the following world history essay and find out why Muslim Arabs failed to eliminate Byzantium in the 7th century. Continue reading

European History Essay: Personal in Post-War Britain

European History Essay

For several centuries Britain ruled many countries around the world. After World War II, Britain suffered from great changes. For the first time in Britain’s history, the state suffered from severe bombing and missile strikes, and as a result Britain lost a great part of its merchant fleet. During World War II, colonies had gained greater independence, which was the cause of the subsequent crisis of the British Empire. In the following European history essay sample you can read whether the personal has become political in post-war Britain. Continue reading

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Essay

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Essay

No matter how many years or even centuries will pass, children and adults will read “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” with the same pleasure as the writer’s contemporaries. And it won’t be a wonder, as this story has everything that can touch the reader: adventures, humor, unexpected twists, and even a love story. Tom Sawyer is a teenager from a small town on the Mississippi. He is full of energy, witty, and adventurous, and as a boy of 12, lives with his aunt Polly. The life of Tom Sawyer was full of interesting and sometimes dangerous adventures. But with his friend Huck, he comes out of all dangerous situations with honor, revealing his best qualities. The following “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” essay sample describes why this book is of great importance in American literature. Continue reading

Battle of Midway Essay Sample

Battle of Midway essay

The Battle of Midway is a part of American history that cannot be forgotten. It was a great marine battle during World War II which occurred in June 1942. It became a turning point in the war in the Pacific Ocean. As a result, the Japanese fleet lost 4 heavy aircraft carriers and 248 sea-based aircraft and the most experienced pilots of Japanese carrier aviation. After the Battle at Midway, Japan lost its initiative and was forced to proceed to a defensive position. This sea battle has shown that the aircraft carrier began to dominate the Pacific as a new type of warship. In the following Battle of Midway essay you will read about the significance of this battle. Continue reading

«Moby Dick» Analysis: The Symbol of Moby Dick

Moby Dick Analysis

“Moby Dick” is a well-known novel written by Herman Melville. The book is about the deadly confrontation between Captain Ahab and the giant white whale. The author has used many symbols and allegories along with the stories about whales. Symbolic meaning in the novel is hidden in various kinds of parallels and associations. In the text you can find numerous references to the writings of such well-known thinkers as Bacon, Descartes, Pascal, etc. The same applies to references to biblical characters, episodes, and mythological stories. In the following “Moby Dick” analysis, the author has attempted to describe the symbolic meaning of the white whale – Moby Dick. Continue reading

Plato’s «Allegory of the Cave» Essay: Thought-Provoking Book

Allegory of the Cave essay

“The Allegory of the Cave” can be considered the core of Plato’s idealistic view about the meaning of human life. This allegory is described in Plato’s “Republic” as a dialogue between Socrates and Glaucon, the older brother of Plato. What is this allegory about? Chain-locked prisoners are sitting in a grotto (cave) with their backs to the light, unable to turn their heads. They can only see the cave’s wall with shadows and reflections of the fire. The only reality they know is concentrated in this cave. And when the prisoners become free, they realize that the world is more than the cave. In the following “Allegory of the Cave” Essay you can read why this allegory is one of the most thought-provoking books. Continue reading