Literary Analysis Paper: A Yellow Raft in Blue Water


The main characters here are Rayona, Christine and Elgin. Rayona is trying to resolve her own identity as a half-Indian and half –Black young woman even though she feels as though she never will fit into either category. Her feelings have alienated herself from her mother and her father and caused self-emotional problems. Toward the end of the first chapter, Rayona recalls being taken to her uncle Lee’s funeral by Christine and now is faced with being taken to her aunt Ida’s on the Montana Reservation. Although she knows that Christine idolizes her uncle Lee, she hates aunt Ida, Christine’s mother and Rayona’s grandmother although it has been 8 years since the two have been together. Continue reading

Best Revision Methods: Thinking Out of the Box

When you think about revising you paper after you’ve finished writing, what picture do you imagine? Let us guess: you are sitting in your room, it’s almost 2 am, you are tired and sleepy, but still trying to read ten pages of text and fix some mistakes. Or it may be like this: you are bored, your attention is floating somewhere, you are texting to your friend and watching a new season of a TV show, but your body is sitting and staring into your paper, so you are sure you are revising it. Try the revision methods we suggest, and you will see that those unpleasant pictures don’t have to be true. Continue reading

Why Is Revision Important: Four Essay Epic Fails

Your paper is finally over, and you are already thinking of putting on some cool song like “We Are the Champions” and dancing to it, but then you suddenly remember that you need to proofread the paper. The mood is ruined. You hate everyone. You feel frustrated and angry. You start to question, if not the whole point of college education, then at least the point of proofreading. “Why is revision important? Shouldn’t it matter more if I did the research and put a lot of time and effort into it?” Continue reading

«A Thousand Splendid Suns» Essay


Descibe what makes Mariam go to her father’s house. What is the outcome of this decision on Mariam’s life?
All of us have parents. But some are having only one in their lives − either the other one is deceased or that other is alive but not present in raising us as a child. It is common in our society today − a child growing up fatherless. In some cases, a child born out of wedlock. The opening of the book explores on the fate of Mariam, one of two female protagonists in the novel. Continue reading

How Can I Revise Wisely?

Most students hate revising their papers, and they have all reasons to do so. How do you imagine working on your paper after you’ve finished writing and even put together something that is supposed to be your bibliography? We bet the only image that pops up in your head is continuous rereading of the text until you fall asleep right there. Here is some good news for you: revising can be a lot easier and not that deadly boring. Here are a few suggestions on how to revise better without almost any extra effort. Continue reading

Essay about Iran


May 1979 has become the crucial point in the history of Middle East and Iran in particular. New Islamic Revolution, much stronger than previous one, resulted in the emergence of new military service which is now called Iranian Revolutionary Guards (Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps(“IRGC”)) or Pasdaran, formed by supreme leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. Originally IRGC was created as a counterpart to the official army and was supposed to protect the results of revolution while being totally under control of the current president. Nowadays things are different. IRGC cannot be simply called ‘protective military groups’ any more. It has become one of the most influential political, military and economic forces in the Middle East at the time. Continue reading

These Good Ways of Revising Will Help to Make Your Paper Perfect

What do you typically imagine when you think of revising your paper? We guess it’s not in the top 10 fun activities you enjoy, and we doubt it will even make it to the top 20. Though we can’t make you love revising and editing, what we can do is to show you some good ways of revising, and you will find out that you don’t even need to like the process. It’s like vacuuming the floor – boring, but once you put some music on and pretend you are a rock star, you won’t notice when you’ve vacuumed every corner in the house. Continue reading

Example of Literary Analysis: White Fang


How does White Fang, which is a novel about a dog, relates to human life?
White Fang is one of the best novels that were ever created in the human history while the masterful expression of the wild nature contradicts with the human experience. The whole story enlightens human sins which are portrayed in every human character except Scott. However, it is significant to mention the fact that the life cycle of the White Fang including his background can be related to the human life. Continue reading

Three Ideas for How to Revise Better and Faster

Revising your own paper is difficult for many reasons. You’ve spent your time and effort on it, you’re tired, and now you need to read it all again and cut nearly 30%! That’s quite upsetting, and you have every moral right to feel angry and demotivated. However, we know effective ways to revise your paper and we are eager to share them with you. Continue reading


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