Space Exploration Essay


Is Space Exploration A Waste Of Money?

Space exploration has taken a major part in a scientific sphere since the second half of 20th century. It became a so-called symbol of the humanity progress. However, nowadays we can hear plenty of arguments related to this topic, which are mostly connected with costs of space exploration and with the large amount of things we need to do here, on the Earth. Continue reading

How to Revise English Papers Easily


Does only the though of editing your paper make you shiver or curl up into a ball and cry? Don’t worry, a lot of students feel this way – but this doesn’t mean that you have to suffer all the way through your college life. We have prepared a collection of the most common mistakes and tricks regarding how to revise for English class to help you deal with this unpleasant task. And remember that we are always ready to help! Now you are not alone in your struggle. 🙂 Continue reading

Haruki Murakami Essay


What is unique about Haruki Murakami’s works?

There is no doubt that Haruki Murakami is a world famous writer of our time. This Japanese writer conquered the world. He is the absolute master of word and the legend of contemporary literature, the Madonna of modern Japanese fiction. “Murakami Haruki writes in Japanese, but his writing is not really Japanese. If you translate it into American English, it can be read very naturally in New York.” (Miyoshi, 172). Continue reading

Frankenstein Essay


Why does the author describe all women characters passive and self-sacrificing in the novel?

In the Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus the author portraits women characters from the perspective of three main male characters. Women are shown in their typical role peculiar to English society of the XIX century, particularly as bride, mother and daughter (Caroline Beaufort, Elizabeth Lavenza, Justine Moritz, and Agatha De Lacey), and their roles are seen as “idealized” (Morrison 112). Although with not much specific, they are described as beautiful, fragile, quite educated, gentle and loyal. They are capable of self-sacrificing and could be a reliable support for the men and their families. Continue reading

Book Analysis Example: Emma by Jane Austen


Who is Emma? Why does Emma feel she is superior to the people around her?

From the first lines of the novel Emma by Jane Austen, the author entitles the main character Emma Woodhouse with such a distinctive feature that has been rarely found in other heroines among Austen’s works. The most prominent Emma’s characteristic that contrasts her with other women characters of the Georgian England is an absence of striving desire to find a husband, at the same time, without any tendency to romanticism (McCrum, 2013). On the contrary, Emma appears as a puppeteer who wants to manipulate people by bringing them into couples, as a result, such a behavior defines her as a dominant character who wants to superior surroundings without tolerance to their own will and feelings. Continue reading

Why Everyone Needs an Essay Corrector

As if writing an essay or a research paper wasn’t grueling enough, professors have invented another, more sophisticated form of torture – reviewing your paper. Most students hate revising their papers, unless they enjoy keeping things in perfect order and their room is cleaner than a scientific lab. We guess that you don’t belong to this type, or why else would you be reading this article? Today we are going to show you that every student can benefit from an experienced essay corrector, and why it’s often better to ask for help than trying to do everything on your own. Continue reading

Literary Analysis Paper: A Yellow Raft in Blue Water


The main characters here are Rayona, Christine and Elgin. Rayona is trying to resolve her own identity as a half-Indian and half –Black young woman even though she feels as though she never will fit into either category. Her feelings have alienated herself from her mother and her father and caused self-emotional problems. Toward the end of the first chapter, Rayona recalls being taken to her uncle Lee’s funeral by Christine and now is faced with being taken to her aunt Ida’s on the Montana Reservation. Although she knows that Christine idolizes her uncle Lee, she hates aunt Ida, Christine’s mother and Rayona’s grandmother although it has been 8 years since the two have been together. Continue reading

Best Revision Methods: Thinking Out of the Box

When you think about revising you paper after you’ve finished writing, what picture do you imagine? Let us guess: you are sitting in your room, it’s almost 2 am, you are tired and sleepy, but still trying to read ten pages of text and fix some mistakes. Or it may be like this: you are bored, your attention is floating somewhere, you are texting to your friend and watching a new season of a TV show, but your body is sitting and staring into your paper, so you are sure you are revising it. Try the revision methods we suggest, and you will see that those unpleasant pictures don’t have to be true. Continue reading

Why Is Revision Important: Four Essay Epic Fails

Your paper is finally over, and you are already thinking of putting on some cool song like “We Are the Champions” and dancing to it, but then you suddenly remember that you need to proofread the paper. The mood is ruined. You hate everyone. You feel frustrated and angry. You start to question, if not the whole point of college education, then at least the point of proofreading. “Why is revision important? Shouldn’t it matter more if I did the research and put a lot of time and effort into it?” Continue reading