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Have you ever considered getting help at a professional essay editing service? Well, you actually should, and these are the main reasons why:

  1. A professional essay editor will spot even the tiniest mistakes.

    We all have a certain prejudice towards our own works, and this is perfectly normal. You have spent a lot of time and effort on it, so your brain shuts down on any sight of imperfection. You just don’t want to believe that the work you’ve given so much of your resources to still needs to be improved.

    However, you still need to check it and eliminate any mistakes to receive a high grade, and looking for a good online editing company can be the most efficient solution for you. A professional editor doesn’t have sentiments towards your paper, and he or she will effectively spot all the mistakes and typos which hold your paper balk from receiving what it deserves – a perfect A.

  2. Logical and structural slips.

    When you are working on an academic paper, especially a lengthy one, these tiny “bugs” are inevitable. You may be distracted by some noise and lose track of your thoughts, or some brilliant idea came to your mind and you decided to incorporate it in your writing immediately – whatever it may be, your paper will inevitably contain some incoherence, factual divergence and structural mistakes, such as introducing a new argument without supporting the previous one with solid evidence.

    And the truth is, you are unlikely to notice these slips without professional editing help. It’s not that we don’t believe in you or assume you don’t know how to edit essays. It’s rather due to the fact we have a certain bias towards our own work, and in your head, jumping from one argument to another without any transition looks perfectly logical.

  3. Formatting fails.

    Formatting may be the easiest part of working on an essay, but this doesn’t spare this part from a huge amount of dumb mistakes. There are very few students who format and proofread a paper the next day after they completed it, because there are very few students who complete a paper two days before the deadline. If you are a typical student who does everything the last minute, online essay editing may save your life one day. Well, not your life of course, but your GPA – certainly.

    Keeping track of the changes of formatting rules and formatting your paper in strict accordance with them sometimes looks like a waste of time. You don’t need to bother yourself with this task with our professional essay editing service online. We bet you have more urgent things to do than double-checking every comma!

Why Choose

essay editing service online

There are plenty of essay editing websites on the Internet, and deciding which one’s worth your attention and money can be a challenging task. Check out the key features of our service, and you will realize that we are a match made in heaven. Our features are:

  • Experienced editors
  • Live chat
  • Bidding system
  • Partial payment system
  • Rating, feedback and best editor awards

Now we want to provide you with more evidence, that, we believe, will prove to you that we deserve being called the best essay editing service by our customers.

Before admitting a writer or an editor to our team, we make him or her pass a strict assessment procedure. First of all, we ask an applicant to provide valid proof of academic achievements, education level and related working experience. Then we make them pass several tests to check their writing abilities and understanding of the peculiarities of academic assignments. You can be confident that the editor working on your paper is a well-educated and motivated professional, who genuinely wants to help you.

The live chat is another feature of our online essay editing service that helps us provide you with excellent writing assistance. Once you ave chosen your editor, you can talk to him or her directly via the chat to resolve any questions that arise. This chat also helps us make communication between you and your writer faster and more convenient, as you can chat with him or her directly from any place in the world with Internet coverage.

The bidding system is the feature that helps us keep editing rates affordable, and the quality of our works high. After you have submitted your order and uploaded the file with the paper, our writers will start bidding for it. They suggest their prices under the order, and you can choose an editor who, as you think, suits you best according to his or her qualifications and the price offered. You can either check the writer’s profile to gain more information about his or her skills, or ask a question directly via live chat. Yes, it works even before you have chosen a writer.

As the writer works on your paper, you can track the progress from your personal page. If the order is lengthy, he or she will send you separate parts for approval, but regardless of the volume of the paper you’ve submitted, you only will be asked to pay after you confirm that the order is completed and you are satisfied with the quality of the work done. No prepayments are required! We want you to feel safe while ordering. We also have a money back policy for that sake. Do you know another essay editing service in UK with the same features?

And finally, we have a rating system to promote helpful and talented editors. Once a customer confirms that the order has been completed, he or she will be asked to rate the editor and leave feedback. This system also motivates writers to do their best. We encourage top writers with different awards, which you can see either in their profiles or in the top-50 writers list.

Your essay won’t edit itself, so what are you waiting for? We work with students from all over the world, including USA, UK, Australia, India and Canada (Toronto). If you’re from somewhere else, don’t worry, we can help with your paper as soon as it’s in English.