How It Works?

Want a personalized approach to custom academic assistance? is the place for you! Find a writing expert to help you with proofreading, editing a paper, or even writing it from scratch, and be certain it will be a quality work. On top of that, you can pay the expert after the order or a part is completed with your approval. Your personal profile includes everything necessary to manage orders, from assigning an expert to approving parts of an order and releasing payments. You can choose the writer or editor yourself, chat with him during the order process, and, of course, evaluate him when the order has been completed. Your profile also has a feature which allows you to track the order and view any changes made while it’s in progress.

Step by step how to get your order done:

  • Place a free order. Fill out the form with details of what needs to be done to your paper or what kind of paper you need.
  • Negotiate your order with experts who are interested in completing it. Find out about their education and skills and choose the most suitable one, both in terms of experience and finances.
  • Pick the expert you want to collaborate with, use writer's preview sample, profile, ratings and awards to make your final decision.
  • Utilize the integrated system, which allows you to track the order progress and see all changes as soon as they are made.
  • Discuss your order with the expert via online chat. Real time communication will help you resolve any possible issues at hand.
  • Leave feedback about your experience.