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fix my paper

How many times have you thought, “If someone could just fix my paper – I have so many other assignments to do.” Academic writing can be difficult and demanding, especially if you are dealing with a topic you are not that interested in. The good news is, you don’t need to suffer anymore. From effective tips to technical features and paper fix services, modern students have it all to lead a successful college life with minimum stress levels.

How to Acquire the Habit of Editing

You will be writing papers a lot in college, and to make editing your permanent habit is a good idea and it will serve you not only during your education, but also at work or even with personal correspondence.

1) Plan, plan and plan.

This is the most annoying tip ever, we know. Sometimes you fail to put your life together to such an extent that you aren’t sure when you’ve eaten last, but you really need to stick to a plan to make lasting changes. You probably know that our brains hate anything that looks voluminous and demanding – that’s why it’s so hard to stick with those New Year's resolutions that involve studying hard and working out. To make it easier, divide your habit into tiny bits, such as rereading three pages of your paper before you go to bed. This sounds benevolent to your brain, and the habit will be easier to develop.

2) Make the action easy to start.

If you think you will fix paper writing during your flight from home or while you are having a break at your working shift, just face the truth – you won’t. Unless your life is super-crammed with responsibilities and you are used to working in high-pressure conditions, all those “I’ll do it tomorrow while waiting for my friend in a cafe” ideas actually will never happen. To make your life a little bit easier, make sure that the action you want to turn into a habit (editing your paper in this case) is easily performed. Take a copy of your paper when you are going to your study session or listen to a recording of it while you are commuting – keeping it within your sight will increase the chances of performing the action.

3) Find the perfect place.

Some people are just not designed to work or study at home. Maybe you live with a large family and there’s always so much going on that concentrating becomes a task on its own. Maybe you are just easily distracted by any external stimuli. Whatever the reason is, before deeming yourself lazy, try other places for your paper fix adventure. Take it from us, sitting for hours in a quiet library does miracles on your ability to concentrate. And oh, leave your phone at home.

Killer Paper Fix Tips to Implement Right Now

So, we hope that now you are determined to fix paper enough to actually move to it from reading articles. Here are a couple of fun and easy-to-do tips to start the editing process painlessly:

  • Use fancy things to mark the progress. If you like to work with printed copies, buy a set of beautiful markers to highlight parts for proofreading and write comments. If you prefer text editors, find the best way to write neat comments next to the text, not simply insert into it. This approach will kill two birds with one stone – your editing notes will be organized and clear, and you will sugar up the activity to trick your brain into thinking it can be enjoyable.
  • Try different techniques that break your thinking patterns and see what works for you.
    You have probably heard that you should rest at least a couple of hours before proofreading your paper. Students often hate this tip, because who has several hours to spare when you are at college? And when you think, “I’ll watch some funny videos now and fix my paper later,” you may as well forget what you were going to do. The truth is, you don’t need to wait several hours, as the main purpose of this advice is to shift your focus and let your brain change the mental patterns it is stuck into. This means a lot of other things can work just as fine, and here are a few suggestions:

    1) Have a short meditation.
    2) Engage in an intense 10-minute training.
    3) Take a cold or contrast shower.
    4) Go for a walk.
    5) Watch a great comedy show.
    6) Listen to thrilling news from your friends.
    Anything that makes you agitated for a while will serve as a great tool to clear your mind cache and get an attention and energy boost.
  • Find out your concentration span and act accordingly. We all accept the fact that humans have different appearances (such as eyes and skin color) as something natural, but somehow we fail to treat mental characteristics this way. Remember that everyone has different attention spans. The fact that you can’t spend two hours without moving ever so slightly in your chair while editing your work like your roommate does not imply you are lazy. Figure out what works for you and use your potential to its fullest! This may include, but is not limited to:
    1) Reading the paper backwards.
    2) Reshuffling the papers.
    3) Copying each sentence to an empty word document to read one at a time.
    4) Reading the text aloud and recording yourself.

Remember that there’s no right or wrong ways to fix paper writing, just the ones that don’t suit you quite well.

Where to Look for Assistance?

You may think, “well, this whole thing about finding your editing style and honoring your attention span is cool, but what do I do if I need an emergency solution?” We know that college is mostly about emergencies, or else you would not be in college. In such cases we are always ready to help a student in distress. What do you need to do to receive qualified help from our awesome editors? Just follow these four simple steps:

1) Fill in the order form and upload your paper.
2) Choose an editor you like the most.
3) Track the process via your personal page.
4) Print the ready paper.

If you still have some doubts, consider the following: a professional editor will be able to spot the tiniest mistakes and correct them while you are having a well-deserved rest. We are not doubting your ability to perform incredible things, such as editing 30 pages of your research paper under pressure, but maybe it’s time to give yourself a little rest and entrust your paper to professionals. Plus, you will be sure that not even the tiniest mistake has slipped into your paper, since our editors don’t have a bias towards the writing as you do, since you put so much effort into it.

We cooperate with students from the USA, UK and Australia, but we are striving to expand as far as possible. So, as long as your paper is in English and you need it to be perfectly polished, fill in the order form so we can make some academic magic together!

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