Job Satisfaction Essay

Job Satisfaction Essay

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Does employee satisfaction influence a company’s long-term value? Why?

The well-being and success of any organization depends on several factors. The attitude of its employees is one of the key determinants of a company’s health. Employee attitude is solely determined by employee satisfaction in their job and place of work.

A company’s long-term value is not only determined by financial measures but also non financial measures which include employee satisfaction. Employee satisfaction is critical to the success of a company, (Koller, Wessels & Goedhart, 2013).

To begin with, the employee satisfaction guarantees staff retention in an organization. The long-term value of a company is greatly hampered by employee turnover. Employee turnover leads to loss of skilled and professional workers. Similarly, a company incurs a lot of costs in integrating and training new employees to replace the lost ones. As a result, a company’s sustainability is eroded. However, satisfied employees are will rarely think of leaving their current work place. Thus the skills they have obtained will continuously be used to increase the value of the company. Companies with high staff retention rates often have high values as opposed to companies with significant employee turnover rates (Topolosky, 2014).

Secondly, employee satisfaction cultivates loyalty and commitment among the employees. This is critical for spurring and sustaining value in a company. Satisfied employees are often committed and loyal to their work. The interests of the company are often at their heart and they will often put in their best efforts. They work with zeal and gladly in conformity with the company’s values and objects. They cooperate easily with the management and amongst themselves in a manner that enables the company meet its objectives and therefore increase the value of the company.

Finally, employee satisfaction nurtures job enthusiasm among the employees. Enthusiasm at work is critical for good performance of an organization. Satisfied employees are often ready and willing to learn new methods and technologies of doing their work. Such enthusiasm is critical for the long term value of a company (Koslowski et al, 2002).

In conclusion, employee satisfaction is one of the factors that greatly influence a company’s long-term value. This is because it guarantees employee retention, cultivates loyalty and commitment to work among the employees, and ensures job enthusiasm. All these factors are critical to the sustainability and growth of an organization.


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