Awesome Marketing Research Paper Topics for Your A+ Paper

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We all know how important finding a good topic for an essay or a research paper is, and how difficult it can be. All topics are usually too difficult, require too much research or have already been written about a thousand times. This is especially true when it comes to economics, management, marketing and other business related disciplines. From one point, new models of managing and advertising are emerging, so it seems that there are plenty of things to write about. Yet finding a good topic with an abundant amount of research and resources to cite can be a challenging task. Here are a few suggestions of marketing research paper topics to help you find a perfect topic.

Marketing Research Paper Topics

  1. The impact of social media as a marketing tool on customers’ choices.
  2. What is custom advertizing? How effective is it in the era of the Internet?
  3. Do we still need printed ads and billboards when we have the Internet, texting and social media?
  4. If you had to choose only one social media to advertise a product among teenagers, which one would it be and why?
  5. How do internet trends influence marketing strategies?
  6. If we got rid of all visual advertizing in the cities, will it be easier to promote a product or not?
  7. How can you avoid annoying your potential clients by your ads constantly popping on the internet?
  8. Should the number of ads we see on the Internet be decreased?
  9. Is it ethical to advertise products for kids in school?
  10. How does the Internet influence our work relationships?
  11. How do the Internet and instant messengers change the culture of business email writing?
  12. Why was earlier business language so formal? Why did it change?
  13. Comment on this statement: “Usage of emojis in work emails is absolutely inappropriate.”
  14. What are benefits and drawbacks of setting an online shop with no real office?
  15. How can you gain the customer’s trust in internet trades?
  16. Should a person’s offensive activity on social media be a reason for firing him or her?
  17. The benefits and drawbacks of instant communication via the Internet in the workplace.
  18. The problem of extra tasks and projects sent by managers via messengers in South Korea and Japan. Should employees be able to refuse to do the task or ask for higher wages?
  19. Ways to increase work productivity without limiting access to entertaining websites at the workplace.
  20. What do you think about the examination of a person’s profiles on social media before the admittance to work? What benefits and drawbacks does this have?
  21. Do Black Fridays and Christmas sales benefit company gross?
  22. Birthday coupons as a way to increase customers’ loyalty to the brand.
  23. Viral videos and marketing: do popular videos help dramatically increase sales, or just make the brand famous?
  24. What is relationship marketing and how is it different from transactional marketing? Which one is more effective in terms of customer loyalty and company gross income?
  25. Do you think that scarcity marketing is unethical? Why or why not?
  26. Do you agree that scarcity marketing is a form of manipulation and should be banned? Why or why not?
  27. The power of word-of-mount marketing in a world governed by social media.
  28. What kind of CTA tools are known for being the best for increasing sales?
  29. How popular is diversity marketing? When such a strategy is implemented, does it help to increase sales?
  30. Can diversity marketing be considered as a form of covered discrimination?
  31. Which industry uses undercover marketing techniques the most? What can other industries benefit greatly from using them?
  32. What is binge buying? Are modern advertizing techniques and consumerism culture responsible for that?
  33. Are we being manipulated to spend more than we actually need?
  34. How can you make your email marketing not annoying and avoid getting into the spam box?
  35. The most effective ways to create an outstanding marketing email which will be noticeable in the pool of others.
  36. The power of seasonal marketing: a real deal or an illusion of big demand?
  37. How can you form your army of devoted brand-lovers, who will defend and advertise your brand in front of others?
  38. Kids and brands: is it ethical that some parents involve children in the “brand war” from a very young age? Does this have any impact on their future choices?
  39. What kinds of industries are the best to try article marketing? Why?
  40. What is cross-media marketing? How do you stay moderate, if you choose this strategy, and not annoy your target group?
  41. What are the best strategies to find your niche in an industry with high competition, such as clothing?
  42. How can your company deal with another company using your event to ambush market themselves?
  43. Does giving free samples increase the loyalty to the brand? How does it influence sales rates?
  44. Database marketing and personal information protection.
  45. What is cult marketing? How did it emerge and how effective is it? Should there be any restrictions put on this set of techniques?
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