Hegemony Essay: Meaning and Causes

 hegemony essay

Hegemony: What It Means, What Are The Causes?

In nowadays rapidly developing world full of radical transformations, the concept of hegemony rested on a combination of many circumstances. The concept of hegemony describes the way in which one group has dominance over another through leadership position with the aim of complex construction of political projects and social alliances. However, there are many explanations of the word “hegemony”, depending on the sphere it may concern:  politics, economics, society and media.

The term “hegemony” is a concept used to describe the processes by which people are ruled or governed. The singular form of the term, hegemon, can refer to an individual leader, a state or a collection of states acting together (Gallaher, Carolyn, Carl T. Dahlman, and Mary Gilmartin. Key concepts in political geography. Los Angeles, Calif. etc.: Sage, 2012. Web.).

In general the causes of Hegemony define the hegemonic power of states as a global intervention force which determines control of military power, international energy system, sea lanes, pipelines etc. Political geographers analyze hegemony in one of two ways. The traditional approach examines hegemony as it refers to world orders and their territorial developments (Agnew and Corbridge 1995). Others stresses the constructed nature of world orders focusing on the inconsistent area in which alliances are legitimized and threats are naturalized (Flint 2001).  Many authors and politicians bring the example of America as a hegemonic character  during the bourgeoisie in the 1950s.

Therefore, based on the above-mentioned statements we can say that the term Hegemony indicates autonomous process of globe stretching through political domination and force more than economic rationality.

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