Motivation at Work Essay: The Meaning of Money

motivation at work essay

In the motivation at work essay sample that you can read above, one of our writers has discussed the issue about why sales companies need to recruit people that are “hungry” for money. With money motivation, the employee understands that the productivity of labor will depend on the amount that will be received for the work done. Nowadays recruiters tend to pay a lot of attention to non-financial motivation for the list of reasons and are looking for people that don’t pay much attention to salary. But those who tend to earn more and have a strict desire for earning money usually are more effective workers.

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Sales companies should recruit people who are hungry for money as they will make the most dedicated workers. Do you think money us the driving force behind hard work?

Most jobs require hard work. They say, sales companies should hire people who are hungry for money, as they make the most dedicated workers. Bill Gates once said, that he would rather choose a lazy person to do a hard job, because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it (2013). But this is not the case of sales companies.
Usually, the main goal of sales companies is to boost their sales, and keep them high. To do so, HR managers need to hire the “right” people. But what are the best traits of those people? The driving force behind hard work differs from one person to another . Ambition, dedication, as well as greed and pride, are the perfect features to be used for framing personalized triggers.
Most people love money. The hunger for more drives them to work hard. If their own revenues depend on the amount of sales they make for the company, they will tend to work harder and motivate other team members to do so as well. Other people work hard for their pride. They will do their best to see their name at the top of the company’s leaderboards.
There are lots of other reasons that can determine an employee to work hard. Fun or fame have their own place here too. If the prize for a certain goal for sales is, for example, sitting in the boss’ chair, there will definitely be employees who will work hard to win that prize.
A good manager should know all the strengths and weaknesses of employees, and use that information to build triggers. Hunger for money is definitely one of the determinants of hard work, but other personal features of employees should never be ignored.

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