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Don’t know how to start your productivity essay? Before you start, lets find out what productivity is. Productivity as a personality trait is the ability to be personally effective, create material and spiritual values, achieve high results, and to work productively and profitably. We live in a furious rhythm, which only accelerates. New technologies that should help us to do more become the main “time traps” and bring down the working mood. It is necessary to answer calls, emails, complete projects, perform a bunch of small tasks, and in your spare time, to structure the chaos in your house and personal life.

If the productivity essay topic seems too hard for you, there is a solution! Our writer has created this essay which discusses the reason why people pay a lot of attention to productivity. Underline the ideas that interest you the most and create your own unique essay! If you want to copy some text from this sample, make sure to use the right quotation format according to your tutor’s requirements. But the best solution will be creating your own essay that covers your personal point of view and contains unique thoughts.

Why Do People Care So Much About Productivity In Their Daily Lives?

In this paper, I will attempt to answer the question, “why do people care so much about productivity in their daily lives?”, and by applying  the social exchange theory, I argue that among the basis of interactions between two people is their value to one another. As such, being rational beings, people care about productivity in their daily lives as it is the way they value activities, social exchanges, and interactions, increasing peoples’ individual values.

According to social exchange theories, social exchanges increase peoples’ perceptions of shared responsibility as well as using productivity to combine resources and generate a joint good (Lawler 334). In doing so, people work with one another to create benefits between them, through productive exchanges (Lawler 334). Thus, I argue that people care about productivity in their daily lives to be able to gain and receive the most benefits with their interactions with others, whether it is through work or leisure.

Similarly,  on an individual level, people are oriented for the norms of reciprocity, where individuals perceive their value and reciprocal exchange based on the quality of their exchanges as well as their relationships with others (Cropanzano & Mitchell 876). By combining these two theories, I then argue that people concerned with productivity in their daily lives because it is how give and receive benefits. A concrete example would be through applied work, where people boost their productivity in their outputs, hoping to reap benefits of higher pay, promotions, or even increased businesses. Then, as people boost their productivity, based on how others perceive them, they gain higher value, especially in society (Cropanzano & Mitchell 879).

Therefore, I argue that through social exchange theories, people care about productivity due to the value of peoples’ interactions. People care about productivity in their daily lies because people interact with one another and gain benefits from them. Thus as people boost their productivity in their exchange with one another, the higher their perceived value becomes, creating more benefits for individuals, leading to why they care about productivity in their daily lives.

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