Literary Theory Essay Sample: Examples of Formalism

literary theory essay

Formalism is a branch of literary theory that became widespread at the beginning of the 20th century. It has evolved as a reaction to the traditional position on the priority of content over form. Formalists argued that the content of literature changes due to historical causes, while the forms of art have historical stability. For example, novel structure has not significantly changed in several centuries. In the following literary theory essay the author has shown several examples of formalism in literature. Continue reading

Diversified Investment Essay Example

investment essay

Before you start reading the sample, let’s try to understand diversified investing. It is the distribution of investments using various instruments in order to reduce risks and increase profits. For example, a person that wants to keep savings on a bank account may be advised to create three accounts in different currencies or to buy stocks and bonds. Every investment is supported with certain risks, especially in crisis periods. Most often, the higher the risk, the greater the potential profit (or loss). In the following investment essay sample the writer has described the economist’s point of view about diversified investments. Continue reading

«Their Eyes Were Watching God» Analysis: Apropos of the Horizon


“Their Eyes Were Watching God” Analysis

Their Eyes Were Watching God – Apropos of the Horizon

The 1937 novel from Zora Neale Hurston was a work of literature replete with symbolism and metaphors that drives through a number of significant moments in the life of the main character named Janie Crawford, an African-American woman in her early forties, who is narrating the story to a friend by way of extensive flashbacks.

One such symbol, the “horizon,” is frequently mentioned throughout the narrative and is undoubtedly the most paramount and essential of all the other symbols or metaphors in the novel. Continue reading

Law Essay Sample: Child Witnesses in Court

Law Essay Sample

There is a wide range of research created in an attempt to discover the reliability of child evidence in court. Not long ago it was believed that a child cannot be a reliable witness. But for the last few decades the attitude toward child witnesses has changed dramatically. Depriving the child’s right to address the court means to refuse protection and to allow the suspect to evade investigation. However, there is a wide range of unresolved questions related to child witnesses: having no effective method for the child’s first interrogation, the role of the child’s fantasy, and the role of suggestibility. The following law essay sample discusses whether susceptibility to suggestion is the single most important factor affecting the reliability of child witnesses in court. Continue reading

Economics Essay Example: Eugene Fama

Economics Essay Example

Eugene Fama was considered as a candidate for the Nobel Prize for a long time. His works that were included in many textbooks since the 70s focused on the influence of expectations on the dynamics of prices and behavior of price variables. The input of this economist is undeniable, and in the following economics essay example, the author attempts to describe the mark Eugene Fama has left on industrial organization. Continue reading

Emancipation Proclamation Essay

mancipation Proclamation essay

One of the most important documents issued during the existence of the US was the Emancipation Proclamation. The following Emancipation Proclamation Essay sample was written by an expert writer. The Proclamation said that the president would ask the Congress to pass a law on compensation to all the slaveholders not participating in the insurgency and agree to free the slaves. First of all, it should be noted that the Civil War began because of a common reason – the parties could not share the power. Lincoln was a flexible and pragmatic politician. He stated that his main task is to save the Union, and not to save or destroy slavery. Continue reading

World War 2 Essay: About Desertion

World War 2 essay

Desertion is a phenomenon that has accompanied humanity for thousands of years. The word came from the French word “deserteur” which can be translated as “a traitor or runaway.” Deserters have existed in all professional armies at different times in history, from the army of Alexander the Great to the army of Napoleon. If we will look at world history, desertion often became a mass phenomenon in those armies which led difficult and long fighting. Usually, deserters were punished. For example, in Ancient Egypt deserters were publicly cut off by language. World War 2 was not an exception. The following essay sample was created by our professional writer and covers the topic of desertion and punishment in the following World War 2 essay. Check it right now! Continue reading

«The Year of Living Danishly» Review

Living Danishly Review

According to opinion polls, the Danes are the happiest people in Europe. What makes people in a country with a rigorous climate live happily? In addition, they regularly meet with friends and family and most often feel peace and tranquility. The author hastens to dispel the myth from the very first pages, saying no, Denmark is not a utopian country. It also has its own problems, concerns, and complaints. For example, bad weather. We recommend this book to read, as it will give you a list of great facts about Denmark and its people. Check the following «The Year of Living Danishly» review to be inspired with new ideas for your literature or English essay. Continue reading

«The Red Badge of Courage» Essay Example

“The Red Badge of Courage” essay

Stephen Crane laid the path to naturalism in American prose and has remained the largest representative of this trend in the history of US literature. If you don’t like books about war, you are probably suffering from an assignment that asks you to analyze “The Red Badge of Courage.” Don’t want to spend hours of reading a book that you don’t like? Check an already written essay sample and life will become easy! The best way to write a good book analysis is to read some good samples on a similar topic. Also, you can check other literature essays in order to understand the structure and how authors approach a particular assignment. Continue reading

«The Kite Runner» Essay: The Concept of Circularity

“The Kite Runner” Essay

If you don’t feel that you have enough strength to write a “The Kite Runner” essay, or your muse has just gone away, you will need some help from the outside. “The Kite Runner” is a heartfelt story of friendship and loyalty, of betrayal and redemption. If you have read the book, there is still a big adventure to write a book analysis. If you experience writer’s block, we advise you to read our sample. In this “The Kite Runner” essay sample, the writer has examined the concept of circularity in the novel and described important cycles that exist in the characters’ lives. Continue reading